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Hal 2.0
posted: February 17, 2011 For the past several years I've been limping along with a website that was a sprawling mess. I never seemed to have the time to redesign it, I just kept adding onto it.  Most of the work was outdated in a format that at the time was all I could muster with my cursory knowledge of Dreamweaver. Updates were a chore and I always put them off in favor of making art.   So, armed with the energy and new found sense of purpose that only the holidays can muster, I gave Zimm a call and started experimenting with the website templates that he had begun offering. Like Illoz and Illogator, it's clean and extremely easy to update and tweak. We ran into several minor bugs, but on a whole, the process was a piece of cake.Check it out. Hope you dig it. Thanks, Zimm.

In an unrelated note, I still have calendars available. This years calendar is a bit differernt in that I experienced a massive computer failure in November, when I am normally doing the illos for my calendar and was forced to go with scans that I already had in my machine. So this year's edition (my 29th) features some of my greatest hits in acrylics. If you'd like one, lemme know. Prints of most of these paintings are available at Illogator.
Survival Tips for Illustrators
posted: April 7, 2009
Needless to say things are tough out there for illustration given the economic realities and the shifting of the market from print to whatever. You've got to be careful about waking up in the middle of the night to belabor the point. As a way of making light of the situation, here are some useful (and useless) tips to help talented people such as ourselves weather the storm.
My personal "Plan B".
Please Wash Your Hands
posted: March 9, 2009
Here are two of my paintings that were accepted into the recent Society show. I was honored that Please Wash Your Hands was awarded a Silver Medal in the Uncommissioned Category. My whirlwind tour of NYC last week was a very memorable time. I roomed with RAG who's always briming with positive energy and for the first  time was able to hang with Rob Dunlavey, whose sketchbooks and commitment to realizing his personal vision are unparalleled. It was great touching bases with everyone and had some great conversations with David Flaherty,( take everything I said with a grain of salt, David. That was 2 martinis on an empty stomach talking) Janice Burckhardt, who's always a pleasure and got to meet Alison Seiffer.  You've go to love  it when a woman you just met tells you an offcolor joke about female anatomy. So after two good night's sleep, I'm back at it this morning with renewed batteries  
The martinis made me forget all about the fact that I was walking around with a pretty hideous nose. I had had surgery 2 weeks earlier to remove a nasty bit of basil cell carcinoma. perhaps a painting extolling the virtues of sunscreen use is in my future.
League of Unsuspecting Neighbors
posted: January 23, 2007
I was on the treadmill at the gym the other day rolling my eyeballs at CNN Headline news when a piece came on about the guy in St.Louis who kidnapped the two kids. Because none of the principals were available for an interview, the reporter ended up interviewing neighbors. It struck me as a quintessential american phenomena, the unsuspecting neighbor. These people need a support group, or at the very least and online chat room. This might also be expanded to include neighbors of grow houses.
The Half-Tones at the Society of Illustrators
posted: August 17, 2006

Please mark your calendars.You'll not want to miss this one. Great art, great music, great company, hell, my back hairs are on end  just thinking about it. . A number of us are coming down a day early so we can hit  the MoMa at opening  time on Thursday the 7th. All Drawgers invited. Let's do it en masse!
Here's a sketch Leo did of The Halftones when we played at the Illo Conference in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, Leo's use of red wine as a wash has not withstood the test of time.
Here's Steve Brodner's take at the same gig. I wouldn't want to meet that guitarist in a dark alley!
Thanks from May4th
posted: May 4, 2006
I want to thank you  guys for all the brouhaha regarding "my day". I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. It used to be that this date would elicit contact from some old school buddy, certainly nothing like this. I was just talking to James Steinberg, and we agreed that we are both humbled by the level of talent here at Drawger. It's downright intimidating. But when you figure we all kind of have the same lives (at least work-wise) it is understandable that in the solitary confines of one's studio one might get a bit down on one's self. On the other hand, you guys have lit a bonfire under my ass.   So I vow to play the hand that's delt me to the best of my ablility, persevere and if that ain't good enough, well there's always tequila.

By the way Kent State happened on this day, not to be a downer, or anything. Try asking a teenager what Kent State was.
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