posted: January 27, 2010
Shooting Star...
Lately I've changed my approach to acrylic painting. I'm trying to be more spontaneous and painting without preconcieved notions a la Adolph Gottlieb or Philip Guston. And it's driving me crazy second, third and fourth guessing myself. My elecrtic sander has been getting  quite a workout. In reaction to those trials and tribulations, I decided to break out the watercolors.  I am enjoying the change of pace and and the quickness. I can finish one fairly quickly and move on to the next idea. Speaking of ideas, for some reason turtles have been making an appearance in my sketchbooks. I'm not sure why, but I suspect it's because they're easy to draw and their primordial quality appeals to me.

Street Fight...
Scout - Last week cartoonist extraordinaire Kevin Pope emailed to ask if I would contribute a piece to a charity art auction sponsored by The Art Directors and Designers Club of St. Louis, in collaboration with the American Heart Association. To be honest, I've never been a big fan of the "heart" as a design element. With the exception of Mr Fuchs and Jim Dine, hearts always seem to come off as wimpy. I thought of a work- around and did this the next day. The event will take place on March 12 in St. Louis, MO....
Everyday I Have the Blues - I'm trying to work through my heart phobia....
Less-Than-Punctual Fighters of Crime...
John Dykes January 27, 2010
Look at this bright color palette! A harbinger of good things to come, I'm sure.
Brian Stauffer January 27, 2010
these are awesome Hal. Very experimental.
Jorge Mascarenhas January 27, 2010
Nice series, Hal! The "crime fighters" and "adventure" are my favorites...great use of color.
Jim Paillot January 27, 2010
Love these! Shooting Star and Streetfight are so terrific!!
Adam McCauley January 27, 2010
This color is so alive.
Larry Ross January 27, 2010
Incredible, Hal! Your creativity is endless.
randy enos January 27, 2010
NIZE! I like it a lot. I was visiting your friend Don Sigovich the other day. He's got your work hanging up all over the place. He's doing some scans for me.
Hal Mayforth January 28, 2010
Thanks fort he comments, guys. They mean alot to me. Don Sigovich is the man, Randy. If anyone needs giclee prints, and wants them done right, contact me and I'll put you in touch with Don.
Leo Espinosa January 28, 2010
I want to have some of THAT blues! There's a fresh sketch book feeling in all of them.
Mike Moran January 28, 2010
These are so fun. I miss using watercolors. You make me want to dust off the case and paint away..
Alan Witschonke January 28, 2010
Very playful, Hal. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday; it's been too long.
Walter Vasconcelos January 28, 2010
Very cool Hal,is a great exercise of creation and colors.
RAG January 29, 2010
It's about time you got over your cutesy middle, middle american, cliched, heart phobia!
Drew Friedman January 29, 2010
Really terrific work.
Hal Mayforth January 29, 2010
Thank you gentlemen. I look forward to seeing Leo, Alan and Rich this weekend. Would that we could all get together.
michael m January 29, 2010
less than punctual ya. inneresting
kurt vargo April 24, 2010
A real treat sharing time with you and Charlie this past week here in Savannah Hal. Most of all, trading stories, past history and dueling sketchbooks. Hope you got home safe and sound. KV
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