posted: December 3, 2009
The Answers to Last Week's Puzzle - This was the sketchbook page that started the whole thing....
Lately I've been putting up a drawing a day on my Facebook page as a way of getting some of my sketchbook stuff out there. A couple of weeks ago I posted the above drawing. Later in the day I was speaking with a good friend from Albuquerque and this drawing happened to be on my computer screen. While we were engaged in a free ranging conversation, I started to look at the drawing and started to see the possibilities for primitive figures emerge. For the next several weeks I explored melding words, primitive forms and watercolors in the form of a series of paintings. The words came via free association and I only used a dictionary to check spelling ( and even then there are mispellings) I'm  sure a therapist could have a field day with this stuff.

Own Free Volition - These paintings also gave me the opportunity to try out some new pigments. I usually order my supplies for Jerry's Art-o-Ramma and I always beg them for freebies. That pink color in the middle was a sample from a Japanese watercolor line. It is electric. ...
Bombay Pistol...
Wrongway Peachfuzz...
In the middle of all this I received an assignment from Emily Aldrich in Minneapolis to illustrate an article for the Kenyon College Alumni magazine about a woman who translates poetry. This piece dovetailed perfectly with the word paintings I had been doing and gave me the opportunity to try something different.

In this case, the words related to the process of poetry translation....
John Dykes December 3, 2009
Hal - These are funny, inventive, and once again from you, unique. The Kenyon piece is a beaut.
randy enos December 3, 2009
I smell a New Yorker cover here.
Victor Juhasz December 3, 2009
These are great. Real fun.
Christoph Hitz December 3, 2009
Wow these look delicious. I'm thinking mantra posters, weight loss, health, save, yoga etc. Oh there is: wordwish
Larry Ross December 3, 2009
Absolutely incredible stuff, Hal!
Adam McCauley December 3, 2009
Beautiful color, Hal. Love the Nonstarter especially.
Richard Downs December 3, 2009
Really cool, Hal. I really like the Nonstarter also.
chris mullen December 3, 2009
Mark Fisher December 4, 2009
Three cheers, Bulls eye!
Hal Mayforth December 4, 2009
Thanks for the kind words, fellas!
blitt December 4, 2009
Wow Hal - these are crazy [in the best sense of the word]. Love 'em.
rag December 5, 2009
way kool
marcellus hall December 6, 2009
i love these.
Maggie Neale December 8, 2009
Oh. Hal, what fun to come upon these today...a gift. Thanks.
mm December 8, 2009
mm December 8, 2009
mm December 8, 2009
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