Hal Mayforth


DECEMBER 3, 2009
The Answers to Last Week's Puzzle - This was the sketchbook page that started the whole thing.

Lately I've been putting up a drawing a day on my Facebook page as a way of getting some of my sketchbook stuff out there. A couple of weeks ago I posted the above drawing. Later in the day I was speaking with a good friend from Albuquerque and this drawing happened to be on my computer screen. While we were engaged in a free ranging conversation, I started to look at the drawing and started to see the possibilities for primitive figures emerge. For the next several weeks I explored melding words, primitive forms and watercolors in the form of a series of paintings. The words came via free association and I only used a dictionary to check spelling ( and even then there are mispellings) I'm  sure a therapist could have a field day with this stuff.

Own Free Volition - These paintings also gave me the opportunity to try out some new pigments. I usually order my supplies for Jerry's Art-o-Ramma and I always beg them for freebies. That pink color in the middle was a sample from a Japanese watercolor line. It is electric.
Bombay Pistol
Wrongway Peachfuzz

In the middle of all this I received an assignment from Emily Aldrich in Minneapolis to illustrate an article for the Kenyon College Alumni magazine about a woman who translates poetry. This piece dovetailed perfectly with the word paintings I had been doing and gave me the opportunity to try something different.

In this case, the words related to the process of poetry translation.