Volume 72
posted: October 21, 2009

When I started out in illustration, I always brought along a sketchbook when showing my portfolio and the sketchbook more often than not got a better reception than my portfolio. Even now when I do art fairs I still bring one or two along for folks interested in process. They always seem to get a good responses. The problem with sketchbooks has always been the inability to share them. They take up a considerable amount of shelf space gathering dust. But now we have new technologies to mess around with. So in an effort to "get it out there", here's Volume 72 that I did between April 9th and August 16, 2009. I hope you dig it.

J.D. King October 21, 2009
I'm waiting for Volume 73 before I comment. I have my standards.
Leo Espinosa October 21, 2009
You remain a doodle hero to me!
fuchs October 21, 2009
Joe Ciardiello October 21, 2009
Definitely dig it.
Christoph Hitz October 21, 2009
Dig this and that... Only 71 volumes at at 56 pages to scan ;) Great stuff.
john cuneo October 21, 2009
Love this stuff. Looking forward to the sequel.
Walter Vasconcelos October 22, 2009
N I C E stuff Hal !
Jeff Moores October 22, 2009
Very cool way to present a sketch book!
Mark Fisher October 22, 2009
Golden nuggets of wacky brain matter in 72 easy to digest volumes.
Jim Paillot October 23, 2009
Man, that stuff is good.
Hal Mayforth October 23, 2009
I've been out of communicado the last several days, but I want to thank you all for the kind comments.
TBower October 23, 2009
Uncle! Gosh, this stuff is so good...
Michael Sloan November 2, 2009
Hi Hal - Looks great, and so does your (new?) banner.
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