Five New Paintings
posted: August 24, 2006
Another robot painting. This was inspired by a trip to Mexico the family went on last April....
 Here are the last five paintings I've done in the order I did them. I recently had a couple of sales at a couple of local galleries, so I am heartened. My new life motto is "just peck away at it" and that's just what I've been doing.
This painting was done with the huge "works in a cubicle but thinks he's subversive" market in mind....
Pearls are always glamorous, no matter what the hair looks like....
This one is titled "Less is More, More or Less." Rather than gessoing the board to begin with, I prepared it with clear acrylic medium, so the grain of the board would show through. I thought the simple shapes in B&W would make a cool contrast....
This one was done with my fellow Drawgers in mind, because we are nothing if not self starters. It also gave me the opportunity to rip off Randy Enos'
shoe treatment, sans hobnails....
Leo Espinosa August 24, 2006
Totally Wicked! I dig the characters of Less is More, More or Less.
Nancy Stahl August 24, 2006
I agree with Leo... that is the one I picked for hanging on my newly painted walls (when the job is done). "Less is More..." is definitely "nail-worthy" although I love them all. How about making a limited edition set of prints of the League of Self-Starters for your inspirations? I could maybe afford a print...!!
Zina Saunders August 24, 2006
I think they're all brilliant, but I have a special place in my heart for crazy robots.
Steve Wacksman August 24, 2006
Nice stuff, Hal. I have to admit, I'm with the majority on this one- I love 'Less Is More'. That hulking figure in the upper left reminds me of the ominous Gort from 'The Day The Earth Stood Still.' Self Starters is a winner, too- I guess I just love little critters.
Robert Saunders August 24, 2006
Hal, these are great. Hey man, you must have seen the work of the Chicago Imagists, Jim Nutt, Ed Paashke, Sue Ellen Rossi Roger Brown, et al, former students of Chicago Art Institute and based on work of H.C. Westermann. Outsider's nutty. You fit right in.
Rob Dunlavey August 24, 2006
I vote for the "League…" image: Not too Biskup, not too Enos, not too Aboriginal. Totally Mayforth. Slap a on a t-shirt, add Drawger logo and they'll sell like hotcakes!
Edel Rodriguez August 24, 2006
Hey Hal, I love this stuff. They all look great!
Elwood H. Smith August 24, 2006
Damn! I, too love More is Less... and I was going to suggest you title it "More is Less, Miro or Less", but Michael Sloan ruined it. Or, maybe he didn't. My other favorite is League of Self Starters, though I don't belong to that particular society. I am, however, a card-carrying member of the Punsters & Procrastinators Society. Nice stuff, Hal! -ES
Jim Paillot August 24, 2006
Love Robo Loco. Hal, your stuff is an inspiration for me to quit sipping this coffee and pick up a paint brush. Those nutty little cactii that keep robo boy company crack me up. Please pack this one up and Fedex it to me immediately. Two-day air is fine. -Jim
Tim OBrien August 24, 2006
Cool pieces Hal. Nice aged textures!
Edel Rodriguez August 24, 2006
yeah Dave, he should, I didn't want his head to get too big, but he should, this is great stuff. I hope he can do this in like a day or two. Hal?
Hal Mayforth August 25, 2006
DaveB and Edel- For the past two years, whenever I completed a new painting I would put it up on the What's New? section of my site along with sketches and other pertinent stuff. Every month, for the last two years I have been sending out email promos to my client list with a link to this section of my site. This has stood me well with the cartoon work, but I haven't had any bites on the paintings as illustrations. I not sure where I stand on that anyway. I don't exactly crank these puppies out and to do assignments with this style would bring me periously close to "real illustrator" territory, pulling all nighters and working weekends. I guess I would cross that bridge when I get to it. And don't worry about me getting a big head, Edel. I have too many art books in my library to ever let that happen. With all those great comments, however, I may affect a bit of a swagger. But that's only in the privacy of my studio. H.
Mike Moran August 30, 2006
I just get back from vacation to some new Hal paintings! It makes going back to work much easier.
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