Hal Mayforth

Five New Paintings

AUGUST 24, 2006
Another robot painting. This was inspired by a trip to Mexico the family went on last April.
 Here are the last five paintings I've done in the order I did them. I recently had a couple of sales at a couple of local galleries, so I am heartened. My new life motto is "just peck away at it" and that's just what I've been doing.
This painting was done with the huge "works in a cubicle but thinks he's subversive" market in mind.
Pearls are always glamorous, no matter what the hair looks like.
This one is titled "Less is More, More or Less." Rather than gessoing the board to begin with, I prepared it with clear acrylic medium, so the grain of the board would show through. I thought the simple shapes in B&W would make a cool contrast.
This one was done with my fellow Drawgers in mind, because we are nothing if not self starters. It also gave me the opportunity to rip off Randy Enos' shoe treatment, sans hobnails.
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