Current Events
posted: September 2, 2009
Back to school last year....
Here are some sketchbook drawings loosely gathered under the theme of Current Events. It's been a weird time. The words "back to school" have ominous implications. The fall brings crispness to the air to go with the considerable acrimony that's been festering all summer. On a personal note, my Dad was put in an assisted living situation, so my sister and I have been dealing with those ramifications. We cleaned out his apartment earlier in the summer. Fortunately, Dad had seen this  day coming and pared down his possessions considerably. Thankfully, he is still well and sharp as a tack. So I've been on the road one day every weekend making the drive to Middlebury, VT ( you can't get there from here) to visit him. Alot of car time. Alot of time for reflection.

And back to school this year....
Townhall Meeting...
Healthcare Debate...
House Poor...
And on a positive note....
marcellus hall September 2, 2009
love these. is the sky scanned separately on that first one?
Hal Mayforth September 2, 2009
Yes, Marcellus, that sky is from a travel sketchbook that I kept on a trip to Montserrat. Thanks for the comment.
Joe Ciardiello September 2, 2009
Great stuff as always Hal. Best of luck with your Dad. Going through similar issues myself, it's tough.
John Dykes September 2, 2009
The Mom running with the mask is so right on! Too funny... and I feel for those teachers out there... Best to your Dad, Hal...
Larry Ross September 2, 2009
Your illustrations never fail to amuse me, Hal! Beautiful stuff. Best wishes to you and your father.
Zina September 2, 2009
Fine and funny stuff, Hal. And say hi to your dad for me in his new digs!
Chris Mullen September 2, 2009
Hal, I think the first time I met you, I blurted out, "the FAMOUS Hal Mayforth?!". Well, you're still famous & I'm not. You make that "102" line sing. Does anyone else know how difficult that is? I'm defeated (or, just tired). I do keep 50 or so 102's around, just in case."illustrators against heavy art direction"...rock on.My NON 102 line is at You have nothing to question, your stuff is so damn good.A little paper, pen & ink...
Adam McCauley September 2, 2009
Great stuff as always, Hal. Best of luck with your father, that must be very tough on a lot of levels.
Cathleen Toelke September 3, 2009
Some great stuff here, Hal. You're the perfect illustrator for health care issues, townhalls...heck, any issue! I can very much relate to your elderly parent situation. If you need an ear, I'll listen. Truly.
Kyle T Webster September 3, 2009
One of the few people who can keep the energy high in every single line! Awesome.
Hal Mayforth September 3, 2009
Thanks for the comments one and all. Chris- It's been a long time. I've always been a fan of your use of a particular pen tip we know and love. Where are you these days? Cathleen- Great speaking with you. I wish you the best with your roof and other stuff. And thanks for the comments about my Dad. He is well, but having difficulty staying up for Red Sox games.
Drew Friedman September 4, 2009
Funny and wonderful.
Alan Chien October 5, 2009
i always look forward to your monthly greetings and this one is levitated.I am sorry to hear about your dad,who kept me supplied with VWs for a long time as well as providing two memorable additions to my teaching experience. Please give my best to him, and Marci.
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