Hal Mayforth

Current Events

Back to school last year.

Here are some sketchbook drawings loosely gathered under the theme of Current Events. It's been a weird time. The words "back to school" have ominous implications. The fall brings crispness to the air to go with the considerable acrimony that's been festering all summer. On a personal note, my Dad was put in an assisted living situation, so my sister and I have been dealing with those ramifications. We cleaned out his apartment earlier in the summer. Fortunately, Dad had seen this  day coming and pared down his possessions considerably. Thankfully, he is still well and sharp as a tack. So I've been on the road one day every weekend making the drive to Middlebury, VT ( you can't get there from here) to visit him. Alot of car time. Alot of time for reflection.

And back to school this year.
Townhall Meeting
Healthcare Debate
House Poor
And on a positive note.