Small Paintings
posted: August 12, 2009
It's been a while since I posted anything here. This summer I've been busy between assignments sharpening up on my computer skills. Between bouts of self questioning and loud profanity, I've been tackling the three horsemen of the apocalypse that are Illustrator, Indesign and Flash. I've made quite a bit of headway, until I actually have to do something, then I have to dealve back into and try to sort things out. Not exactly the most efficient way to learn, but coupled with a couple of books, I can say that I'm beginnning to get a grasp on things. One thing I do know is that if I ever got Deke McClelland in a dark alley, I'd probably throttle him. My thought here was that if I can't be on top of the curve, at least I can get a little less behind it. For years I'd been using Photoshop 5 from which I was unable to generate PDF's. And I was interested in experimenting with as a vehicle for self promotion. So I bit the bullet and invested in CS-4. Here's my first experiment with Indesign, a book of small paintings. Some you may have seen before, some perhaps not.

Harry August 12, 2009
Hal, First off, I dig the book and I need to start using Issuu. I know what it's like to try and learn programs, and unless you use them every day, all day, it's tough to retain all the info. I learned After effects a few years back, really a lot of fun but I wouldn't know where to start now. So kudos to you and keep at it. Love the star fish type character, bu all great.
John Dykes August 12, 2009
Less behind the curve?? Man - you are way out in front Hal! (from back here) A productive summer for you.... looks great.
Wishawna August 12, 2009
Love it hal. But I'm just an arm-chair artist.
Wishawna August 12, 2009
For the record, that wasn't the real Wishawna, although I do agree with him/her. It's great, Hal.
Wishawna August 12, 2009
I'm the real Wishawna. Please ignore the other ones.
Yuko Shimizu August 12, 2009
My favorite is "let's dig a hole".
Leo Espinosa August 12, 2009
Going though the book I got a small taste of what a real Hal Mayforth show would look like... FANTASTIC!!! Hey galleries out there, what are you waiting for?
Wishawna August 12, 2009
That Wishawna is clearly a forgery! You all know I would never say "please"!
Larry Ross August 12, 2009
I don't care who Wishawna is! The paintings are great, Hal!
Wishawna August 12, 2009
That really hurts. (this is the real one.)
Wishawna August 12, 2009
Imposters and hurt feelings aside, I have to say I really enjoyed these.The colors... the characters... everything. Sorry for the delay for saying this, but SOMEBODY is trying to get on my nerves. You know who you are, imposter!
Mark Fisher August 12, 2009
Great presentation of your work Hal. The work is like some crazy confection from a wacky 4th World country.
Christoph Hitz August 12, 2009
Good man.
Alan Witschonke August 12, 2009
Great work and presentation, Hal. When I'm between jobs I watch football.
Victor Juhasz August 12, 2009
These were great fun to look at. I liked the presentation as well.
Richard Downs August 12, 2009
That is really slick and nice, Hal. Very cool,Print and send!.
Hanoch Piven August 13, 2009
Hal what a great collection of images! (and thanks for showing us Issuu). It is inspiring material.
Zina Saunders August 13, 2009
This came out great, Hal.
Hal Mayforth August 13, 2009
Thanks for the comments, folks. Richard- I've fiddled around with as a way of self publishing books. What's cool about Issuu is that the books are virtual. It might be a bit tougher getting an email in the right hands, but it's inexpensive, postage free. This is all an experiment. Leo- Coming from you, maybe now I'll be getting all kinds of solo show offers!
Peter August 13, 2009
Hal, great digibook. That was totally engaging, flipping through it! Good/natural online experience. Seems like there are a bunch of galleries showing contemporary illo. Have you been involved in them? I've heard about a few in NY and in LA. One gallerie is called La Luz de Jesus??? And the other is Giant Robot here in NYC. Anywho . . . great work, great idea, thanks for the heads up on Loud profanity . . . what ones . . . i usually us mutha f#@$%@. I'd spell it out but I don't want to offend the various Wishawnas. Hi guys! Later Hal
Wishawna August 13, 2009
There can only be one...
Robert Saunders August 13, 2009
Walter Vasconcelos August 13, 2009
Very cool Hal, Xenon is a great Robot!
Jim Paillot August 14, 2009
Hal, these are so groovy and fun. "Subversive" and "Happy Teeth" have made my day. Cool stuff.
Scott Bakal August 14, 2009
These are just really cool pieces of art, Hal. Nice job! Would love to see them in a show.
Rob Dunlavey September 1, 2009
Just looked at your little experiment Hal. Not bad. I like the small format. On my old Macasaurus, it ran slowly. Hopefully issuu is a bit snappier on newer machines. Since you have the pdf, now you can offer the book through lulu/blurb, etc. We will be able to say we knew you when…!
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