Hal Mayforth

Small Paintings

AUGUST 12, 2009

It's been a while since I posted anything here. This summer I've been busy between assignments sharpening up on my computer skills. Between bouts of self questioning and loud profanity, I've been tackling the three horsemen of the apocalypse that are Illustrator, Indesign and Flash. I've made quite a bit of headway, until I actually have to do something, then I have to dealve back into Lynda.com and try to sort things out. Not exactly the most efficient way to learn, but coupled with a couple of books, I can say that I'm beginnning to get a grasp on things. One thing I do know is that if I ever got Deke McClelland in a dark alley, I'd probably throttle him. My thought here was that if I can't be on top of the curve, at least I can get a little less behind it. For years I'd been using Photoshop 5 from which I was unable to generate PDF's. And I was interested in experimenting with Issuu.com as a vehicle for self promotion. So I bit the bullet and invested in CS-4. Here's my first experiment with Indesign, a book of small paintings. Some you may have seen before, some perhaps not.