The Half-Tones at the Society of Illustrators
posted: August 17, 2006

Please mark your calendars.You'll not want to miss this one. Great art, great music, great company, hell, my back hairs are on end  just thinking about it. . A number of us are coming down a day early so we can hit  the MoMa at opening  time on Thursday the 7th. All Drawgers invited. Let's do it en masse!
Here's a sketch Leo did of The Halftones when we played at the Illo Conference in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, Leo's use of red wine as a wash has not withstood the test of time....
Here's Steve Brodner's take at the same gig. I wouldn't want to meet that guitarist in a dark alley!...
Mike Moran August 17, 2006
Sounds fun Hal, I'll mark the date!
Michael Sloan August 17, 2006
Thanks, Hal - I'm sure looking forward to it! The music will be great, as well as the surroundings and the very lively bar.
Hal Mayforth August 17, 2006
Randy, Well that and the fact that Quarter-Tones are too foreign to western ears. H.
Robert Saunders August 17, 2006
Dave, in answer to your question why not use one of them drawings on the invite, I had no idea Leo ever did a drawing of the band, and Brodner's sketch's whereabouts were unknown to me. Plus I got other suggestions on the design of the announcement and in the end I went with the most simple quick solution. I know, sounds like plausible deniability. I think this show is gonna be tight, based on the rehearsals, maybe better than ICON3. Leo, your sketch is great!
Robert Saunders August 17, 2006
Also, Leo, I like the way you added the subliminal of me giving the finger on guitar. You are so bad!
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