Word Drawings
posted: August 10, 2006
Here's the last two days of sketchbook pages. I've been fooling around with word compositions,  a dash of Saul Steinberg here, a pinch of Randy Enos there. I don't exactly know where these are going, but I had alot of fun doing them. Most of the time spent on these was figuring out  what the words would say. Some of the sayings are decent others are quite bad. What the hell. It's a sketchbook.
Aaron Leighton August 10, 2006
Thanks for posting these Hal - they're excellent! You're combining two of my favourite things: sketching and hand-drawn type, not to mention inspiring me to get back into my poor, neglected sketchbook. Some of your pieces actually remind me of El Lissitzky's compositions or Kurt Schwitters' text collages...
Edel Rodriguez August 10, 2006
Hal, I also see a smidge of Paul Klee. These are really great to look at, thanks for putting them up, I love looking at sketches.
Robert Saunders August 11, 2006
Yeah, you go, Hal! Great premise to work from, as we all stand on the shoulders of the great Saul S.
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