The Further Adventures of SHTBNALD
posted: June 1, 2009
Here are some further adventures of the Super Hero to be Named at a Later Date or SHTBNALD. I've been trying to do one a day, but with work and family diversions, this is what I've managed in the last month.

Youse guys aren't going anywhere!...
Alien Invasion!...
Back to where you came from!...
No one knew from whence his power was derived....
He goes microscopic to grapple mano a mano with the H1N1 virus....
Taking it for the team!...
Sometimes he felt the weight of the world was on his shoulders....
A little ping pong at the local YMCA improved his disposition greatly....
John Dykes June 1, 2009
Gorgeous! Love the freshness throughout.
Joe Ciardiello June 1, 2009
These are so cool Hal, can't wait for the movie.
Randall Enos June 1, 2009
Christoph Hitz June 1, 2009
Randall stole my line.
Steve Wacksman June 1, 2009
Yeah- what them guys said! A book! Esp love the patterns and shapes in the "No one knew" panel. These are spectacular, Hal, and an impressive output for a month in the life of a busy guy.
Mark Fisher June 1, 2009
Very fresh Hal.
WAM June 1, 2009
Hal Mayforth June 2, 2009
Thanks for the comments and encouragement, fellas. I'll keep at it.
TBower June 2, 2009
Hal. How much to paint that fourth one nine feet tall on my living room wall? Hell, any one of them... So cool.
Hal Mayforth June 2, 2009
Thanks, Tim. Coming from the likes of you, it means alot. I'm having trouble locating watercolor paper that's 9 feet high, so we may have to wait on that living room project.
Becky Pajak June 2, 2009
Wonderful!!! And yes, a book.
James Steinberg June 3, 2009
Dig 'em.
j cuneo June 3, 2009
Typically late to the party Hal, but these things are wonderful. Man, if i had the wall space Bower has, i'd start setting up the scaffolding for you.
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