posted: April 16, 2009
Here are some personal watercolors that I've been working on. For the past several years I have been focusing on acrylics and had forgotten what a blast watercolors are. I've been trying to do one a day as time permits. This series involves a Super Hero to be Named at Later Date. As I was doing them, I was imagining his backstory, such as his predilection for costume changes and exclamation marks, his questionable self image and the fact that he's always having to bail out mankind's ass. All this while being extremely crudely drawn. A tip of the hat to Rob Dunlavey's crystal cities, who I rip off here with utter shamelessness.

Another day, another threat to civilization!...
A meeting with a prominent astrophysicist concerning impending celestial malevolence....
Off to the races!...
In the nick of time!...
Two birds with one stone....
Next challenge: Stop global warming!...
Leo Espinosa April 16, 2009
He's so powerful, he can turn himself into a little comic book, a collectible set of prints or even mutate into the awesomest, funkiest picture book for mature preschoolers, ever.
John Dykes April 16, 2009
... and it shows, Hal! Energetic dynamos these are! Tasteful bits in every piece... Somehow creating work an 'old' technique can look totally fresh - benefiting from the perspective from stepping away from it for a while (does this make ANY sense?).
Joe Ciardiello April 16, 2009
Man do I love these... wow!
Drew Friedman April 16, 2009
Me too! Great!
Christoph Hitz April 16, 2009
Passing gas never looked this poetic.
Steve Wacksman April 16, 2009
They're beautiful, Hal. Especially fond of the meteor sequence. I second Leo's suggestion- I'd be first in line to buy one if you made a picturebook.
Richard A Goldberg April 16, 2009
Ahh, watercolors, unnamed superheros, and great cool drawing. Great combo!
Mike Moran April 16, 2009
Now that's a Super Hero who packs a punch of color! Keep going with these. They would make a great promo booklet!
Walter Vasconcelos April 16, 2009
Hal,very nice stuff!
Larry Ross April 16, 2009
Gary Taxali April 16, 2009
Steve Brodner April 17, 2009
Hal: I love these. The delicate touch control you have with watercolor is extraordinary, especially when you're playing the aging kid. This is highly sophisticated stuff, Buddy. You're not fooling anyone. Tons more please.
Cathie Bleck April 17, 2009
Looks like a whole book to me! I love em.
Jim Paillot April 17, 2009
Love these, Hal!! So inspired. I love the way you handled the ground on the "In the nick of time" piece. But thats just one of dozens of groovy little things to love about this stuff.
J.D. King April 17, 2009
Cool, Hal!
Zina Saunders April 17, 2009
Cool, indeed.
Cathleen Toelke April 17, 2009
These are a blast! I love your child-like depiction of impossible feats! And those are wonderful meteors. Rob Dunlavey is definitely a big inspiration around here.
Hal Mayforth April 17, 2009
Thanks for the positive imput, folks. Leo: I'll probably keep doing them to see if I can string together some sort of dramatic narrative. Thanks for the encouragement. Christoph: I knew SOMEONE would pick up on that! Propulsion by pepperoni pizza. Steve: Do you mind if I paraphrase that on my tombstone?
Nancy Stahl April 17, 2009
Christoph beat me to it... I was going to suggest you call him Gas Man or Fartsy-Artsy Man. The watercolors are beautiful.
blair April 17, 2009
beautiful watercolor! publish it! why don't you put them into a book on blurb?
Barry Blitt April 17, 2009
Hal, These are fantastic. They're exciting, for god's sake. [what size is the artwork?] Great job, man.
Hal Mayforth April 18, 2009
Thanks Blair. I will! I will! Barry: All except the last one were done on a 10 by 14 inch Arches rough block. And thanks for the words.
Robert Saunders April 20, 2009
Hallucinogenic, Hal!
Jane Firor May 4, 2009
Yeh, nice/nice, but can he, like, wash dishes or now the lawn ?!
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