Survival Tips for Illustrators
posted: April 7, 2009
Needless to say things are tough out there for illustration given the economic realities and the shifting of the market from print to whatever. You've got to be careful about waking up in the middle of the night to belabor the point. As a way of making light of the situation, here are some useful (and useless) tips to help talented people such as ourselves weather the storm.

My personal "Plan B"....
Kyle T. Webster April 7, 2009
Hal - the 'plan a vacation' bit is so accurate. Why the hell does that always happen???
John Dykes April 7, 2009
Hal you have ALL the bases covered! One great trick to get the phone to ring is to go out to get the mail and come back 30 seconds too late for that quick turnaround piece.... always works.
James Steinberg April 7, 2009
Hal-the personal-work immersion has been working pretty well for you so far, but now that you have new plan B, make those dishes beg for mercy.
CM April 7, 2009
Best "102" line in the biz.The drawing you gave me is an inspiration everyday.
Brandon Reese April 7, 2009
Funny stuff Hal! ... I've lost 2 big jobs because of vacation in the past.
Wendy Edelson April 7, 2009
Hey Hal! Especially love the "Immerse Yourself in Personal Work!" tip!!!
Larry Ross April 7, 2009
Very funny stuff, Hal! I love the drawings, as usual, and I think the addition of the textures works very well. I think that phone will start ringing with jobs soon.
Mark Fisher April 7, 2009
Good stuff Hal.
Christoph Hitz April 7, 2009
Nothing better then humor in these dark times. Keep 'em coming.
Yuko Shimizu April 7, 2009
Chris Buzelli April 7, 2009
Hal - These are hilarious. I actually canceled my Christmas vacation because a of a big job. Never do that again! - Lesson learned. Thanks for the laughs.
Drew Friedman April 7, 2009
Ditto1 yes!
Jorge Mascarenhas April 8, 2009
Hey Hal, Great depictions..and many of them are true! Most calls that I get happen when I'm out town.
Harry April 8, 2009
The vacation trick always works for me so I use it often.But i still find time to do dishes, like right now. All good classic Mayforth!
Peter Cusack April 8, 2009
This is great! It put a big grin on my face. Thanks. Your very funny.
laura t. April 8, 2009
ha! hilarious :) and so, so true. if anyone needs me, i'll be half on craigslist, half immersed in conceptual surreal tween fairy art.
rag April 8, 2009
Great tips from a great dishwasher...and even greater artist!
Hal Mayforth April 8, 2009
Thanks for the comments, folks. I think we all can agree that we've got to quit taking vacations. Leave that business to the Europeans. CM-Who are you?
Mike Moran April 8, 2009
Sooo, Sooo true. VACATION time never fails. But to me it seems like no Art Directors call anymore. They just email. Now it's constantly clicking the get email icon! Great and funny work as always Hal!
Walter Vasconcelos April 8, 2009
Hal, I agree the situation is not good...but you are always a funny guy.
CM April 8, 2009
Hi Hal, We met a long time ago. I think I gave you a sketchbook I did in 20 min or some whacky thing like that. You gave me a wonderful drawing, "illustrators against heavy art direction"Thanks again! You can see some of my doodles
Steve Wacksman April 8, 2009
Hal, you are a rare gem. Those are hilarious and exactly what the doctor ordered. Thanks for the laffs!
Robert Saunders April 8, 2009
Hilarious and bold as always Hal!
Carl Wiens April 8, 2009
It's funny because it's true! Keep 'em coming Hal!
Leo Espinosa April 9, 2009
Aren't washing dishes and immersing in personal work the same thing? These are a riot, Hal!
Hal Mayforth April 9, 2009
I suppose so, Leo, except my hands are alot cleaner after washing dishes. See previous article!
Bruce R. MacDonald May 4, 2009
Hal, You rock and rule. If you make everyday funny then it really doesn't matter that there is no work cuz that's funny. There is some metaphysical kernal here... Dr Wily Coyote is the leading proponent of this school.
Jared Lee May 4, 2009
Hal-Why don't you have a daily comic strip. I'd look for it everyday.
robin zIngone May 4, 2009
We need a new job description... "illustrator" is beginning to sound a lot like "dodo bird". Hysterical!
Jamie May 4, 2009
Happy May Fourth to you Hal! Keep the dishes clean and our bellies laughing. x0x0x0
Jeff Moores May 5, 2009
very funny HAL!! Happy 4th of MAY!! I think I'll jump on Craig's list and look for a couple quick logo jobs!
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