Please Wash Your Hands
posted: March 9, 2009
Here are two of my paintings that were accepted into the recent Society show. I was honored that Please Wash Your Hands was awarded a Silver Medal in the Uncommissioned Category.
My whirlwind tour of NYC last week was a very memorable time. I roomed with RAG who's always briming with positive energy and for the first  time was able to hang with Rob Dunlavey, whose sketchbooks and commitment to realizing his personal vision are unparalleled.
It was great touching bases with everyone and had some great conversations with David Flaherty,( take everything I said with a grain of salt, David. That was 2 martinis on an empty stomach talking) Janice Burckhardt, who's always a pleasure and got to meet Alison Seiffer.  You've go to love  it when a woman you just met tells you an offcolor joke about female anatomy. So after two good night's sleep, I'm back at it this morning with renewed batteries
The martinis made me forget all about the fact that I was walking around with a pretty hideous nose. I had had surgery 2 weeks earlier to remove a nasty bit of basil cell carcinoma. perhaps a painting extolling the virtues of sunscreen use is in my future....
Rob Dunlavey March 9, 2009
HAL! 'Twas memorable. Thank you!! (I'll bring matches next time!)
Robert Saunders March 9, 2009
Congrats, Hal! I forgot to mention that you are another one of my most revered illustrators, nose notwithstanding. You've deserved SI recognition for a long time, and finally they got hip.
john cuneo March 9, 2009
yes, truly. many congrats Hal. that was a lovely evening. lot's of inspiring work and medal-worthy folks (some of em, like Chris and Edel, up on stage for a second time). the early morning meander back to the hotel with You, Rob and RAG was also a highlight, but you may have to take my word on that.
Marc March 9, 2009
It was fun hanging with you, Hal, and hats off to you for the well-deserved medal. Now put that hat back on—the sun's out.
Hal Mayforth March 9, 2009
Thanks for the comments, guys. Rob D.- Great hanging out with you. I'll look forward to seeing if Martin Ramirez begins to creep into your work. Rob S.- Sorry you couldn't have made the scene, Rob. Next time. Any recordings of Sinti Rhythm Gypsy yet? John- How come we have our best conversations staggering across the width and breath of Manhattan in the wee hours? At least I thought it was a good conversation at the time. Marc- Great seeing you and Janice as always. I'll be getting a CD out to you soon. The hat is on.
Jim Paillot March 9, 2009
Well deserved, Hal. I wish I could have been there to buy the third round.
Adam McCauley March 9, 2009
BIG Congratulations Hal! That piece is fabulous.
Christoph Hitz March 9, 2009
Hal. I liked seeing the original art since it's painted on wood with a nice hefty depth, I also enjoyed meeting you.
Robert Hunt March 9, 2009
Congrats Hal!
Chris Buzelli March 9, 2009
One of my good friends came to the show and couldn't stop talking about your piece. Congrats Hal. Good talking to you at the show and wish we had a little more time.
David Flaherty March 9, 2009
Way to go Hal. !
J.D. King March 9, 2009
Cool stuff, Hal! Congrats!
Cathleen Toelke March 9, 2009
Great going, Hal. I'll never look at my hands in quite the same way again! Congratulations.
Mike Moran March 9, 2009
Once again congrats on the award! Great piece. How come basil cell caricinoma always finds it way on the nose? It can't find another part of the body that is covered with clothing. I guess it doesn't help a nudist!
Jorge Mascarenhas March 9, 2009
Hey Hal, Hopefully we'll get to see this piece in public places remembering that "washing your hands" is good for you...congrats!
Laura Levine March 9, 2009
Mazel Tov, Hal!!!
Walter Vasconcelos March 10, 2009
Congratulations meu amigo!
Cathie Bleck March 10, 2009
Great to see you too Hal and congrats on the medal. I will post some photos I took that night.
Yuko Shimizu March 10, 2009
So nice meeting you, Hal! As I told you at the Society, the company I worked for almost hired you, and the reason it did not happen was because of all the sh++ my company was doing that it was impossible to make a short narratives about what they do! It was about 15 years ago, when I was still working in PR and dreaming about becoming an illustrator. Meeting you meant so much to me!
Mark Fisher March 10, 2009
Great news Hal! People don't need noses anyhow.
Zina Saunders March 10, 2009
Another congratulations to you, Hal!
Hal Mayforth March 10, 2009
Thank you one and all. One downside of a whirlwind trip to NY: So many great people, so little time. It was a pleasure to meet Yuko, Zina, Jorge, Christoph and Mike. As well as see all my old pals.
Nancy Stahl March 10, 2009
Couldn't have been more deserved..! I hope someone makes that a sign that replaces the mirror over the sinks in every public bathroom in the US. The colors in the reading image are the best. They really sing, as does the painting. Glad to have shared a table with you last Thursday, Hal. Sorry that I couldn't come up with any off-color jokes about female anatomy. I'll try for next time. Congratulations..!
Jared Lee April 6, 2009
Hal- Congrats..funny stuff!
Jared Lee April 6, 2009
Hal: Congrats...funny stuff!
Ken Dubrowski April 6, 2009
Great News!
blair thornley April 11, 2009
congratulations, Hal, that's well-deserved!. it's a beautiful piece. wish I'd been there. hope your nose is healing well.
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