Hal Mayforth

Please Wash Your Hands

MARCH 9, 2009

Here are two of my paintings that were accepted into the recent Society show. I was honored that Please Wash Your Hands was awarded a Silver Medal in the Uncommissioned Category.

My whirlwind tour of NYC last week was a very memorable time. I roomed with RAG who's always briming with positive energy and for the first  time was able to hang with Rob Dunlavey, whose sketchbooks and commitment to realizing his personal vision are unparalleled.

It was great touching bases with everyone and had some great conversations with David Flaherty,( take everything I said with a grain of salt, David. That was 2 martinis on an empty stomach talking) Janice Burckhardt, who's always a pleasure and got to meet Alison Seiffer.  You've go to love  it when a woman you just met tells you an offcolor joke about female anatomy. So after two good night's sleep, I'm back at it this morning with renewed batteries


The martinis made me forget all about the fact that I was walking around with a pretty hideous nose. I had had surgery 2 weeks earlier to remove a nasty bit of basil cell carcinoma. perhaps a painting extolling the virtues of sunscreen use is in my future.
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