posted: February 25, 2009
As anyone who is familiar with the self help section of their local bookstore will tell you, life is all about stages. Not that I am familair with the self help section of my local bookstore, mind you.
Maybe its because we're in that stage between winter and spring, but for some reason I glomed onto the concept of stages in my sketchbook. Why, I do not know.
Rob Dunlavey February 25, 2009
Hey, I have that that same vacuum cleaner! These are vintage Hal. Good form! You take the blues and force them into a new and humorous idiom. Stiletto sharp.
laura t. February 25, 2009
ha!! i almost spit coffee on my computer cuzza your stages of the rocket. poor thing! nice work :) and it's amazing how much housework you get done before getting down to assignments! i just did my kitchen and living room yesterday :)
Chris Buzelli February 25, 2009
The 4 stages of a Relationship and Illustration are hilarious. More please!
Jim Paillot February 25, 2009
Really funny. I love the stages of illustration.
Leo Espinosa February 25, 2009
Man, I'm crying here!!! My son discovered this awesome tiny book when we were at the bookstore the other day and I yelled: Hey, that's my friend Hal's!
Brian Stauffer February 25, 2009
These are friggin hilarious.
Hal Mayforth February 25, 2009
Thanks for the kind words, Folks. At this stage of my career it means alot to me. Leo- I hope you were able to wrest that little book away from your son before he read it. Some filthy stuff in there. I hope to catch up with everyone next weekend. In the meantime, I think I'll clean my toilet.
Kyle T. Webster February 25, 2009
4 Stages of an Illo Assignment is very funny, Hal. I'll stop surfing on Drawger and get back to my deadlines now...
David Flaherty February 25, 2009
Thanks Hal for the smiles.
Adam McCauley February 25, 2009
Thanks for the laugh Hal! "Stages" is a great theme, keep 'em coming. I think you could add about thirty more panels to the illustration one however...
Steve Wacksman February 25, 2009
They're all great, Hal- very funny! I'm with Adam- the illo assignment one could be at least 30 panels. My procrastination style is far less productive than yours - at least you have a cleaner house to show for it. All I have is another rerun of I Dream Of Jeannie under my belt.
Cathleen Toelke February 25, 2009
You struck some chords here! LOL.
Hanoch Piven February 26, 2009
these are really funny Hal. I found myself checking on which stage I am in each of them...
RAG February 26, 2009
Four stages of Hal's humor: 1. Think of funny shit. 2. Think of more funny stuff. 3. Think even funnier thoughts better than the first funny ideas. 4. Draw then all.
James Steinberg February 26, 2009
Thanks, Hal. These are a riot.
Zina Saunders February 27, 2009
barry Blitt February 27, 2009
Hal - I love these. Romantically. And also in the way a Canadian loves his hockey team. Great work.
blair thornley April 11, 2009
Hal, these are brilliant.what a mind you have! thank you, i love being able to laugh about the panhandling part...
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