It's Tough Out There
posted: February 16, 2009
A happy President's Day  to everyone. Some people work today, others don't. I can never figure out whether or not I'm supposed to take the day off. So while I'm waiting for the sketches of numerous projects to be Oked, I spent this morning's sketchebook session ruminationg on the state of affairs out there. Here's the way the dice fell.
Harry Campbell February 16, 2009
Love these. Yes, you're supposed to be working today because I am.
Christoph Hitz February 16, 2009
Darn, the dice fell into the toaster! No more drawings of nest eggs, it's all burning nest eggs now. I'm lucky I guess, today I'm working on a illustration of a cake eating frenzy. Funny musings.
Mark Fisher February 16, 2009
Burning pig is a riot Hal! Drawing, fixing a door, vacuuming, drawgering, watching a movie, setting squirrel traps, eating, enjoying a day off from work!?
J.D. King February 16, 2009
Funny stuff, Hal! You just made these hard times a little easier to take!
Stephen Kroninger February 16, 2009
These are great, Hal. Get thee to a publisher.
John Dykes February 17, 2009
All of 'em, Hal. All of 'em!!! Nicely done....
Hal Mayforth February 17, 2009
Thanks for the comments, guys. Thank God we don't have to put up with President's Day for another year.
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