A Belated Happy New Year
posted: January 5, 2009
My new calendar is out the door and on it's way to clients and friends. If you didn't get one and would like one, let me know. Here are some of my faves.
The reason I know there is color symbolism in The Great Gatsby is because I had to write a paper on it in school. Just don't ask me to do it for food.....
For my good buddy Jacker, who works in the Science Center at Harvard....
Bombay Sapphire, Dry with olives. Doesn't get much better....
Stephen Kroninger January 5, 2009
Got mine. It's terrific. Me and the girls had big chuckles over it this weekend. It now hangs proudly in our house. THANKS!
barry blitt January 5, 2009
Yeah, mine arrived to great fanfare as well. It ain't new year's around here without one of these, love 'em. [thanks]
Dale Stephanos January 5, 2009
Hal, I won the battle in my house over who would gt your calendar. It's great! Thanks!
Rob Dunlavey January 6, 2009
Looking good. It hangs in a place of honor!
John Dykes January 6, 2009
The Last of the text messaging matadors, Hal! It's up - and it's GOOD! Much appreciated...
Mike Moran January 6, 2009
I agree with John on the matador. Thanks again, Hal!
Hal Mayforth January 6, 2009
My pleasure, guys. Thanks for the kind comments.
Steve Wacksman January 6, 2009
These are great, Hal. You're sense of humor is pure gold; every one of these made me laugh. Hope this calendar propels the Mayforth empire into the stratosphere this year, my friend. A little levity oughta go a looooong way given the current environment.
Mark Fisher January 7, 2009
A staple of date watchers for decades for sure. Have a great 09 Hal.
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