An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory
posted: December 16, 2008
Drawger is well represented in a new book called An Illustrated Life - Drawing inspiration from the private sketchbooks of artists, illustrators and designers.  There's alot of amazing work here from people whose work I know well, and from people I've never heard of. Danny Gregory compiled and edited this book as a way of creating the book about sketchbooks that he always sought. 47 illlustrators, artist and designers are included offering a wide range of approaches, techniques and subject matter. For each contributor there is a healthy sample of sketchbook pages as well as copy that was based on questionaires that Danny sent out. A cool holiday gift. Available here.
Here are some sample pages from fellow Drawgers.
Peter Cusack...
Mark Fisher...
Don Kilpatrick...
Hal Mayforth...
Adam McCauley...
Edel Rodriguez...
Christian Slade...
Elwood Smith...
WAM December 16, 2008
Funny, I just ordered this for myself yesterday.
Rick Eberhardt December 16, 2008
Gotta hand it to this Danndy gregory character. Rounds up a bunch of chumps to give him free content and peddles it on Amazon. Then said chumps promote it for him. No wonder illustrators are the laughing stock of the visual communications world.
barry blitt December 16, 2008
Illustrators are the laughing stock of the visual communications world? I thought mimes were the laughing stock of the visual communications world. [you wouldn't happen to be a mime, would you Mr. Eberhardt?]
Steve Brodner December 17, 2008
With this book our laughing stock has lost about 17%this year. Truly wonderful, everyone.
PEter Cusack December 17, 2008
I love being in this book. I here its one of the top sellers this month on Amazon. Go US!!
Jim Paillot December 18, 2008
Thanks, Hal. I am looking forward to seeing more of this book. Some of my favorite stuff from fellow artists are seeing their looser, more free artwork. The stuff thats produced before the clock starts ticking and the deadlines become an issue.
Rick Eberhardt December 19, 2008
I apologize, sometimes I can be a real weenie.
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