Hal Mayforth

An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory

DECEMBER 16, 2008

Drawger is well represented in a new book called An Illustrated Life - Drawing inspiration from the private sketchbooks of artists, illustrators and designers.  There's alot of amazing work here from people whose work I know well, and from people I've never heard of. Danny Gregory compiled and edited this book as a way of creating the book about sketchbooks that he always sought. 47 illlustrators, artist and designers are included offering a wide range of approaches, techniques and subject matter. For each contributor there is a healthy sample of sketchbook pages as well as copy that was based on questionaires that Danny sent out. A cool holiday gift. Available here.

Here are some sample pages from fellow Drawgers.

Peter Cusack
Mark Fisher
Don Kilpatrick
Hal Mayforth
Adam McCauley
Edel Rodriguez
Christian Slade
Elwood Smith