Another Sketchbook Page
posted: June 28, 2006
One of those days, I'm afraid. I spent a considerable amount of time today putting out an IRS induced brushfire. No big deal. Just apply hoover to wallet. So between listening to the IRS's lovely on-hold music while waiting for someone to help me (an eternity) and actually getting one illo done, I had time to do this page.

I've been fooling around with grids in kind of an Adolph Gottlieb- pictograph-gets-funky approach. If I could keep finished paintings this loose, I'd be one step closer to nirvana.
Leo Espinosa June 28, 2006
Love them Hal! Best way to forget about the IRS.
Robert Zimmerman June 28, 2006
Really enjoyed this one, Hal. Starting to think that phone doodles are the only moments of clarity I have left.
Rob Dunlavey June 29, 2006
Clarity is overrated!
Robert Saunders June 29, 2006
Love your one-liner sketches, Hal. They inspire me to want to do some of my own, dagnabbit!
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