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posted: October 2, 2008
Maybe there is some validity to the End Times belief that has come into focus with the emergence of Sarah Palin. There sure seems to be a convergence of events of late. Here are some sketchbook thoughts that try to make sense of the whole mess. I've been experimenting with digital color of late, trying to play with different textures. Been having fun with it.
Brian Stauffer October 2, 2008
I love the bottom two, especially. The can is fantastic.
Brian Stauffer October 2, 2008
Oh, and by the way, the Ass-crack is now known on the street as the "coin slot". Get with it, man:)
Leo Espinosa October 2, 2008
These are electric, man! LOL
Bill Ross October 2, 2008
You, or I guess I should say your work, since I don't know you, is freakin' awesome! I've enjoyed your work, and have been a HUGE fan for years, and love having this opportunity to tell you so. And I learned in my latest issue of AARP Bulletin, that the tattoo above the "coin slot" on the small of a young lady's back is called a "tramp stamp". Always glad to enlighten.
Rob Dunlavey October 2, 2008
Love the steady downpour of banks! The opening graph is killer. On a more personal note, I think you are well on your way to a place where your vital & fresh line work and digital cool coexist. Keep exploring and collecting bits of the real world to mash up with your drawings.
Robert Saunders October 2, 2008
Great textural stuff, Hal: segue over to digital media 100% successful!
Mark Fisher October 2, 2008
Hal, you got it! a beautiful blend of both worlds.
John Dykes October 3, 2008
one of each, please... Thanks for the laughs Hal!
Hal Mayforth October 3, 2008
Thanks for the comments, guys. Brian: I appreciate the lingo update. I'm always down with new verbage to describe butt crack. Bill: Thanks for the kind words. You learned this in AARP Bulletin? Who woulda thunk? Leo, Rob, Rob, Mark and John: Thanks for the encouragement. My favorite texture so far is a piece of copy paper that I left on my studio floor and walked on for a couple of days. Not only did I get some cool textures, but also some indication of how badly my studio is in need of a thorough cleaning.
Alex Murawski October 3, 2008
Your watercolor is wonderful. Funny as hell all of it. The centipede reminded me of my favorite line from "Catch me if you can" that Tom Hanks & Leo DeCaprio movie when Leo's dad, played by Christopher Walken answers a comment about his wife getting a job with the crack (that word again) "What's she gonna be.... be a shoe salesman .... at a centipede farm?
randy enos October 3, 2008
nice nice nice and very nice Hal baby.
rag October 7, 2008
youRoolZ! October 7, 2008
hal, these are wonderful. favorite one is wall street with the three cups.i'd like to see that on the cover of the new yorker.
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