Economic Indicators
posted: June 11, 2008
We just received our tax rebate check yesterday,and I opened the envelope with mixed emotions. Because we are a family of five, it represents a nice chunk of change, and there's never a shortage of ways to spend, but on the other hand, it also represents failed ecomonic policies, and a bandaid for the fallout of corporate greed. These are indeed tough times and from what I'm reading
things are looking to get alot worse before they get better. As a way of venting, I've been devoting some sketchbook time to the issues of the economy and gas prices. Here are some drawings. Oh, and by the way, I am thinking of banking the check just out of spite.
N.Wright June 11, 2008
Love the sketches! Waiting to see if ours will actually come yet, as we had filed for a extension. Anybody know if an extension counts for the regular scheduled check? Like you Hal, We too, will get a hefty sum of money as we have 3 little rug rats. I love the ladder that the little guy needs to use to put his 4 sale sign in his window. Thats so true! Unfortunately- I don't believe the next president can fix where we are headed. We, as a country have been ignoring the present issues for 20+ years and continue to do so. A politician cannot fix it, but we the people need to reinvent ourselves like we have so many times in the past and get us on the right track. Politics is only a small portion (or business) of our country. They won't do it for us. But we can. Great art Hal- you inspired me to ramble on! Sorry! Best. Nick Wright
Scott Bakal June 11, 2008
Hey Hal: Excellent ideas and sketches in there. I am going to put my check into my savings account which is something this adminstration should think about opening...
Jim Paillot June 11, 2008
Love these spots. Especially the mini van ideas. It hit close to home for us. When our check arrives we are going to treat it like we do all of the checks that arrive: cash the check and lay the money at the foot of our family shrine consisting of a ceramic weasel dressed like David Niven. Then we hold hands and sing.
Nancy Stahl June 11, 2008
Ha..! Love, love, love the drawings but the "hell in a handbasket" chart got the ice decaf laugh-spit seal of approval... all over my monitor, thanks, Hal..!!
Zina Saunders June 11, 2008
Great stuff, as always.
Adam McCauley June 11, 2008
What Zina said. Especially love the "Faith Based Economic Stimulation." We're kidless, no check for us.
Dale Stephanos June 11, 2008
Hal, these are great. Don't spend it all in one place. Then again, you probably won't have much left over after you get that guitar you've been thinking about. You know the one.
Mark Fisher June 11, 2008
Funny stuff Hal.
David Flaherty June 12, 2008
I just drove out to Michigan and man things ain't going so well here. Foreclosures, people can't sell their homes for any type of decent sum. No work. Should be an interesting election.
J.D. King June 12, 2008
The poor little Mayforth fellow w/a big nose hits hard times!
Mike Moran June 12, 2008
I'm still waiting,waiting,waiting for my check. Great spots on something that is effecting everyone!
Hal Mayforth June 12, 2008
Thanks for the kind comments, folks and best wishes for everyone while riding out this economic tsunami. Nancy- Glad you liked "hell in a handbasket". Not exactly on topic, but needed to be said, none the less. Dale-Sure, I could put a downp ayment on a '56 Les Paul Goldtop with P-90's, but I ain't that keen on divorce. David- Would that the election could fix this mess! J.D. -The little guy with big eyes and big nose has been in alot worst scenarios than an this economic downturn. Rest assured he will get through this, coming out the other side looking like.....the little guy with the big eyes and big nose.
randy enos June 12, 2008
YES....will work for gasoline...I love it!!!
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