Fuel Efficiency Gizmos
posted: June 4, 2008
Here's and illo I did for Sue Foster in today's Wall Street Journal. With gas prices reaching skyward, there are all kinds of new gizmos on the market to improve fuel efficiency with names like Fuel Saver 7000-MPG and Cyclone Fuel Saver. I perused a number of sites for these products and damned if I can make out whether or not they actually work. Sue wanted an image of a car equipped with all the gizmos driving by a gas station. It gave me the opportunity to incorporate some turn-of-the-century engineering engravings. And since I had a bunch of spray mounted copies left over, I spent some time in the sketchbook making more machines of dubious nature.
Mark Fisher June 4, 2008
Hal, I hope you got pattens for those because a few of them look like they will work. Nice blend of the 2 styles.
Leo Espinosa June 4, 2008
I agree. That's a healthy mix
Jeff Moores June 4, 2008
Hal- Nice!! You should talk with my wife, she's starting a new job next week as an accountant working with GM engineers on the new Hydro Fuel Cell engine. Maybe you got something here! Are the Halftones playing Thurs. night July 3rd at ICON5? See you there!
Robert Saunders June 4, 2008
Totally bitchin' illo Hal! I see you have the guy driving the new hydroxychlorophenolated bombastic decombustionizer fuel efficiency system that just came on the market.
Hal Mayforth June 4, 2008
Thanks for the comments, guys! Jeff, Unfortunately I won't be going to ICON5. Rest assured The Halftones will kick ass without me. It would have been good to see you. Rob, patent pending!
Rob Dunlavey June 4, 2008
Lovely!!!! The top sketch is marvelous. I love the personality of the car. Looks a bit reluctant like "Whoa, what the **** am I doin' up'ere!?" Snappy line work as always and the engravings are a superb foil.
Peter Mayforth July 8, 2008
Hal:It will work with the installation of a "Gonkulator"maybe an upgrade of the muffler bearing.Funny stuff!!!!!
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