New Paintings!
posted: May 1, 2008
This painting was inspired by a Nova show on Intelligent Design vs Evolution. I for one am proud of my simian heritage....
I got off to a slow start this year as far as painting goes. I seems like I spent more time shoveling snow that at the easel for several months. Also, one of my galleries requested that I experiment with dressing up my paintings a bit, so I ended up building a wooden box that goes flush with the plywood edge. In the beginning, this took a hell of alot of time, but as I got more proficient, it got so that I could do this relatively easily and accurately. This treatment gives the paintings another 1 1/2 inches in depth and when painted, they look pretty slick. Hopefully the added dimension will entice collectors to crack their checkbooks. I've posted the latest here.
Robert Saunders May 1, 2008
Wow, those are unbelievably happenin', Hal! Too Anxious to Mutate's my fave of the lot so far. You're about shape, color, and wild, weird attitude!
Zina Saunders May 1, 2008
Wonderful stuff!
rag May 2, 2008
"I'm a monkey, yaaah babe!" -Jagger/Richards
Mark Fisher May 2, 2008
Get to work, DO MORE!
John Dykes May 5, 2008
Hal, These look stronger than ever... 'Going Forward From Here' should be billboard size... I really like the idea of your thicker edges, too.... j.
Scott Bakal May 6, 2008
This is some seriously cool stuff!
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