Hal Mayforth

New Paintings!

MAY 1, 2008
This painting was inspired by a Nova show on Intelligent Design vs Evolution. I for one am proud of my simian heritage.
I got off to a slow start this year as far as painting goes. I seems like I spent more time shoveling snow that at the easel for several months. Also, one of my galleries requested that I experiment with dressing up my paintings a bit, so I ended up building a wooden box that goes flush with the plywood edge. In the beginning, this took a hell of alot of time, but as I got more proficient, it got so that I could do this relatively easily and accurately. This treatment gives the paintings another 1 1/2 inches in depth and when painted, they look pretty slick. Hopefully the added dimension will entice collectors to crack their checkbooks. I've posted the latest here.
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