Glass House
posted: April 23, 2008
I've been developing a new, colorful, abstract illustration style that allows me to step outside the "Little Guys with the Big Eyes and Big Noses" thing. Luckily ,Soojin Buzelli has been giving me assignments to pursue this direction. This illo accompanied a letter entitled "Glass House" and was on the subject of termination of death benefits. Not a particularly appetizing subject. Soojin has told me in the past to not worry about being so literal, so I started sketching the idea of glass houses in general. Here's what transpired.
I started out with my usual style before going "off road". Soojin approved the lower left one....
When I was in NY last month I spent a day in the MOMA, and was taken by a room of wire sculptures that were lit with spotlights. I can't recall the artist's name. Upon my return I drew a number of sketchbook pages recalling the look of those sculptures. Why not try it out on an illo assignment?...
J.D. King April 23, 2008
It's a whole new you!
Anonymous April 23, 2008
oooh nice! the style looks very fresh. do more!
Leo Espinosa April 23, 2008
my two pesos: those three sketches at the bottom are really nice, the problem I see is that they limit you a bit because, let's face it, you are awesome with face expressions. Now allow me to mess up with your head and suggest the "Propeller Hat" style for your illustration assignments. It might be too hard or too time consuming but the quality of those paintings you've been developing is very unique. Very Hal but with a touch of xtra sophistication (imagine yourself in a purple velvet Prada suit, type of thing).
John Dykes April 23, 2008
Always growing, Hal! Keep it going! Really like the look...
Hal Mayforth April 23, 2008
Thanks for the feedback, guys. And for your 2 pesos worth, Leo. Point taken. The wire/no face concept is limiting, and I didn't expect Soojin to bite on those, but I was hot into them at the time and nothing ventured nothing gained. The propeller hat thing continues to develop. I'll be posting some new ones soon. A purple velvet Prada suit? You trying to pimp out this white boy?
Christoph Hitz April 23, 2008
Hal, You hit the Folon mark, jet with your own cartoonish twist. Cartoon poetry.
rag April 23, 2008
Hey I still see some big noses!
Jim Paillot April 23, 2008
Good illustrator + good art director equals some pretty amazing sketches and final art. This stuff is crazy. I wish I could control paint like you.
Mark Fisher April 23, 2008
Go for it Hal!
Bob Staake April 23, 2008
i hereby insist that hal mayforth (the tall, skinny guy over there in the corner) give all of us a watercolor painting class because that wet-on-wet schmear of blue into pink into yellow is just too damn purty it's making me break out in tears like ed asner having his back hair ripped out tuft by bloody tuft. but i digress. these are damn fine, hal -- wet, wild and wacky schtuff!
Alan Witschonke April 24, 2008
Always fascinating to see your images evolve from sketch to finish, Hal. I love the guy's hat blowing through the chimney, but I also like the middle sketches where the guy/gal is upside down in the house. Your output amazes me. Please tell me they don't take long to do!
Hal Mayforth April 24, 2008
Thanks again for the comments, folks. Bob, I often joke that doing large areas of wet on wet watercolor, juggling 3 pigments, is akin to a good workout at the gym.Talk about elevated heart rate. I learned almost everything I know about watercolor from a book by Nita Lealand called Exploring Color. It had about a hundred watercolor exercises and I did every one of them . Came out the other end with a pretty good idea of how watercolors work. I don't even know if this is available anymore.
Michael Sloan May 5, 2008
Hal - Really nice. It says "full-page" or "cover" to me. It's beautiful the way you handled the washes in the background. I'm also a beneficiary of SooJin's guidance that tends to bring out the best in my work, too, so I can relate.
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