Thank God That's Over!
posted: April 16, 2008
As a person well acquainted with the concept of deadlines, I submitted all the makings for our tax returns to my accountant weeks ago. When I hadn't heard back from him, I finally called him last Friday to make sure everything was cool. He hadn't even started them. We've got plenty of time says he, they're not due until next Tuesday. It all came down to the wire yesterday. I had to take time out of work to get signatures for two of my boys who are scattered all over the state as well as shuffling funds for payments. And then there are those little yellow please sign and date stickers, which by the way have very poor adhesive qualities. As a way of decompressing after that ordeal, here are some ruminations. I WILL be looking for a new accountant.
Nick Wright April 16, 2008
Those are awesome!
Edel Rodriguez April 16, 2008
Fun drawings Hal!
Adam McCauley April 16, 2008
Love these drawings, Hal! Next year, call Andy Stern / Stern Associates. I've used him for most of my career, he's the best - does a lot of artists, musicians, performers, etc., spoke at ICON SF.
Robert Saunders April 16, 2008
Right on, Hal, you've expressed for me the draconian plight that is tax time. I'm this close to becoming a conservative!
David Flaherty April 16, 2008
I tossed my returns into the post office slot avoiding the line, someone asked "will those be postmarked today?" ....Uhhh I hope so.
Leo Espinosa April 16, 2008
May-forth kicking butt on April-sixteenth!!!
Jim Paillot April 16, 2008
Those are funny! Tax day is such a drag. I had to file an extension for the first time ever. I just waited to long to pull it all together. Geesh.
Rob Dunlavey April 16, 2008
These are wonderful. Makes me think what an illusion this life is! Back down to earth: After a snafu with last year's taxes (done by our accountant of 10-15 years who was responsible for it) we went the TurboTax route. Wife (who replaced the accountant) is quite satisfied.
Hal Mayforth April 16, 2008
Thanks for the comments, guys. We can all take a collective sigh of relief until June 15, when our second quarterly payment is due.
Alan Witschonke April 16, 2008
Hal, when I need my kid's signature on some document, I always just forge it. It's good practice. (I hope the IRS doesn't know about Drawger!)
Walter Vasconcelos April 16, 2008
Funny and cool drawings Mr. Hal!
John Dykes April 16, 2008
Hal - Thanks for the April 16th laugh. Did you sign your return?
Nancy Stahl April 19, 2008
Finally a good use for those yellow stickers..! Yours are the envy of all Sign & Date tabs. Mine are under my desk, crumpled at the bottom of the non-recyclables. I won't let them see the life they could have lived.
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