posted: March 6, 2008
Last year Danny Gregory contacted me about a book he was writing titled "An Illustrated Life: drawing inspiration from the private sketchbooks of artists, illustrators and designers". This is the book I've been waiting for. As a way of promoting the book, which is due out in October, he has been interviewing different sketchbook artists as podcasts. Well I'm the third of what promises to a very cool series. Click Here (Then click on the little pod target in the upper left hand corner. It takes some time to load)

As a way posting some pertinent graphic content, here are a bunch of frontispieces from various sketchbooks.
Jim Paillot March 6, 2008
Talk about dream jobs! Danny plucked the right artist out for this one. I like the mixed media and editorial feel to the sketches shown. Diaryesque... which I suppose all good sketchbooks must be. I am looking forward to listening to the podcasts later today.
Robert Saunders March 6, 2008
Way cool Hal! I started listening to the interview and will get back to it later this evening. Volume 56 frontispiece is excellent. On 47, is that Muddy with the pompador? Hard to tell...he could be a lotta guys.
Pjb Flynn March 6, 2008
These some beautiful doodle strokes Hal. Your art always make s me want to pick up the ink pen again, but nah, best leave it to the likes of you.
Zina Saunders March 7, 2008
Fresh and invigorating sketches as always!
Rob Dunlavey March 7, 2008
Soldier on Hal! Sublime work and inspiring words. You are well on your way to being an enigma which is the highest achievement for a sketchbook-bound and obsessed chronicler of the interplay of your internal nature and external realities. I liked the interview and am anxious to see Danny's book.
Hal Mayforth March 7, 2008
Thanks for the kind words, folks. Yes Rob, that is Muddy, I'm thinking circa 1956. Patrick, congrats on the award AND Person of the Day! Rob, I've been called alot of things but never an enigma. Our pug. Now there's an enigma.
Mark Fisher March 7, 2008
Hal, real beauties! I got interviewed a couple weeks ago, Will tune into yours now.
chuck g April 14, 2008
you're awesome!! congrats on the book J.J. jus sent me a copy of Screamin'Yellow Zonkers so good!
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