Monkeys and Guns Redux
posted: February 7, 2008
Between work, painting and shoveling snow, I've been continuing to work on this series of cartoons about Monkeys and Guns with the hopes that maybe someday I'll have enough good ones to do a book. Your kind comments about the last bunch I posted got my wheels turning, so to speak and prompted me to continue this. Perhaps the future political landscape will be receptive to this kind of shennanigans.

I've already started laying out the comp in Blurb, which if you haven't checked it out is a great way to produce a book. I put together a book of my paintings and sketchbook pages last summer and found it easy to use. Although the color was a hair off, the finished product was quite impressive.
Brian Stauffer February 7, 2008
damn, these are fantastic. like so many of these but especially did the shopping cart image.
David Goldin February 7, 2008
BANG! These are great!
Bill Koeb February 7, 2008
Great pieces! I love the cart and especially the Ipod. Bill
Zina Saunders February 7, 2008
These are terrific, Hal. Put me on the waiting list for the book!
rag February 7, 2008
Well shoot my monkey! These are monkeylicious.
Walter Vasconcelos February 7, 2008
These are great Hal! Some funny stuff.
Steve Brodner February 7, 2008
Hal: Great art and great subversive comment.
J.D. King February 7, 2008
Calm Before Storm = LOL.
Leo Espinosa February 7, 2008
I'm tearing here, Hal. Calm before the storm is insane!
Christoph Hitz February 7, 2008
Is that monkey listening to Guns n Roses?
Frances Jetter February 7, 2008
These are wonderful- especially the shopping cart one.
Hal Mayforth February 8, 2008
Thanks for the kind comments, folks. I'll post more when I have time to do more.
henrik d. February 11, 2008
stong stuff..reminds me why i choose to live in canada. as always your line is an inspiration. -h
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