Happy New Year!
posted: January 2, 2008
I'd like to wish my fellow Drawgers the best for a healthy, creative and financially huge New Year.

My new calendar is for most part out the door. If you didn't get one and would like one, please send me an email. This is the 25th year that I've done a calendar, which aside from making me feel old, makes me feel proud that I've been able to survive in this crazy industry. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that there's never a shortage of material. My sister informs me that I'm a bit heavy on the personal electronics, however. Here are some of my faves.
Stephen Kroninger January 2, 2008
Must I forever live off your last year's calendar? Whither mine?
Nancy Stahl January 3, 2008
Great fun..! I know some people whose animal instinct trumps common sense, too..! Wish I could read all the ones you didn't post larger. I'm going to stop straining my eyes now and check my mail.
john cuneo January 3, 2008
Congratulations on the twenty fifth year Hal. I'm always thrilled to get the calendar. As usual, it's hilarious and inspiring and you are the master of that most elusive of qualities: making a funny idea even funnier by drawing it.
Laura Levine January 3, 2008
Happy New Year, Hal!
Walter Vasconcelos January 3, 2008
Funny as always Hal! :-)
John Dykes January 3, 2008
Happy 25th, Hal! Great calendar - Thanks for sending - It was especially nice seeing the family and friends checking it out, looking and laughing. Love the Toboggan! I think this will bring you some of those MeGa-Campaigns this year! j.
Marc January 3, 2008
Got mine todayŚmany thanks, Hal! Looks great.
Bob Staake January 4, 2008
i am CONVINCED kroninger is amish! what would explain the use of "whither mine"? but....i digress. these are so cool, hal -- but instead of a calendar, let's have a hal-of-the-month BILLBOARD. these illos have to be gigantic-like!!!! great job!
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