Guns and Monkeys
posted: November 8, 2007
I was speaking with RAG the other day and he was busy developing a line of Monkey images for this year's Surtex show. When I sat down to draw in my sketchbook this morning, I had monkeys on my mind. Where the guns came from I don't know. Well, yes I do know. A reproduction of a 1906 Sears and Roebuck catalog. While I was drawing these, I got to thinking that Monkeys are pretty good metaphors for the child within us and our primal lust of weaponry.  Here they are in the order I did them.
Bob Staake November 8, 2007
hal: i am officially starting an intern program here at the bob staake studio for one reason and one reason only; i want your monkey to work side by side with me for 3 months! i'll send the application, but this is a slam dunk (tell him to leave the firearms at home though -- yes, we've got (plenty of) bananas. wonderful characterization!!!!
Hal Mayforth November 8, 2007
Great Bob! I'll tell him as soon as he gets back. Right now he's out shooting up road signs somewhere.
Pjb Flynn November 8, 2007
These are great Hal! It's hunt'n season here in the hinter. Seems that nearly every red-blooded male is packin (carryin an concealin) all maner of semi-automatic weaponry. Crazy sport--killing animals--but hey we gots ta eats our meats. Last week on a trip from home to Milwaukee about 75 miles, I counted nine deer slaughtered on the highway. Deer are rutting this time of year and running scared. But these unfortunate beasts were killed not by the gun but rather our number one weapon of choice--the automobile. --Pf!
J.D. King November 8, 2007
PJBF: There are several reason why I drive slowly. That's one of them. Hal: Great ideas, I see. I'll copy 'em!
Harry Campbell November 8, 2007
Great drawings of great ideas. I just read John Steinbeck's Travels with Charlie, his travel book from 1961(?) He travels the country with his dog in a camper. A great page or two about how driving through Maine during hunting season he and Charlie barely got out alive, bullets whizzing by the trailer etc. We are indeed a gun loving country and have exported our passion for blood shed to the far reaches of the globe, most recently--Finland. Beauty drawings there Hal. I think it would be a great animated series with teh monkey shooting himself every time. BOOM, like Yosemite Sam. hc
Larry Ross November 8, 2007
You should speak with RAG more often! These are great!
Robert Saunders November 8, 2007
Love the monkey bidness, Hal. There's just something about monkeys! Monkey Bunker is great, so is Planet of the Ape! It's nice to know someone out there is wrestling with the great issues of our time.
Bob Staake November 8, 2007
show me the monkey!
Jim Paillot November 8, 2007
That rascal monkey is such a perfect character and foil for this topic. Love the monkey, vine and gun. I see that's the November issue of Gun Nut Magazine. One of my faves.
Mark Fisher November 8, 2007
Hal, some funny stuff. Monkey bunker sounds so cool as an expression, url or product line. it quick!
Peter Hermann November 9, 2007
taking his guns for a walk... these are brilliant. every single one of them. love the combination of the sears black and white copies with your wonderful line work.
A.Richard Allen November 9, 2007
Disarmingly (arf) simple and cute, Hal. Taking the guns for a walk is a gem.
Zina Saunders November 9, 2007
These are wonderful, Hal!
Hal Mayforth November 9, 2007
Thanks for the kind words, folks. Patrick- Good hearing from you. Yeah, deer hunting season starts here tomorrow. The orange swaddling season. Tonight there will be a long line of women (does) at the local atm cashing up for a girls night out while the bucks are getting juiced up at deer camp. Harry- Thanks for the reminder about Travels with Charlie. It has been on my list for some time in part because Charlie (if I'm not mistaken) was a standard poodle and that is our family's dog of choice. Mark- Monkey Bunker's all yours. Go forth and go nuts. In 1906 you could buy a Sears and Roebuck derringer for $4.50. Ah, the good ol' days.
rag November 9, 2007
Happiness is a warm monkey.
harry Campbell November 9, 2007
Hal, Steinbeck's dog was indeed a standard poodle of French pedigree. The book is mostly about Charlie, and the trailer Rocinante, named after Don Quixote's (sp) horse. He really loved that dog, it's sweet, and his insights into American culture are still very pertinent today, was a time of great and horrible change. harry
Nancy Stahl November 9, 2007
Why do these look political to me? I love the monkey but I keep thinking he's GWB and there goes the love... poof. Primate with weapons.
Christoph Hitz November 9, 2007
Hal, Yep, monkeys with no tails need guns to stay balanced. The gun walker made me laugh!
Hal Mayforth November 9, 2007
Nancy- I think you're right. there is a little GWB in this guy. A uniter on the outside, locked and loaded on the inside. The little monkey, armed to the gills is a character for our time. But I doubt it will be coming to a lunchbox near you. Chris- I agree. As soon as we lose the tail we want to blow things up. I wonder why that is.
laura t. November 9, 2007
fabulous! so cute and sassy :> high-five!
randy enos November 9, 2007
hal, These are great....right on the money. I have that same Sears catalogue reproduction....I used to cut stuff out of it all the time for illos.
rag November 10, 2007
Randy: Don't you mean "right on the monkey?". Ba-Dum-Dump
Steve Brodner November 11, 2007
This is epic. I want the book.
Mike Moran November 12, 2007
That chimp needs to be animated! Fun, Hal.
mwg December 1, 2007
Glorious artwork, my man. I'm looking for artwork for my band. Cover-art, tats, whatnot. I'd never rip of an artist and you'd find me anyways. I'm also aware that Monkeys With Guns is prob'ly taken. Fuckit. Wanna sell some art? murf mwg
ariel December 4, 2007
I love your loose line Hal.. Great concept, even better execution. Best, Ariel
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