Hal Mayforth

I am a stamping fool.

FEBRUARY 15, 2006
I used this one for years, until my wife tactfully reminded me that perhaps young AD's just might not know who the hell Mary Lou Retton is.
I 've collected rubber stamps since the late 70's. Pretty early in my career I started having rubber stamps made from drawings in my sketch books. Not painstakingly rendered drawings, but crude little sketches that showcased my sense of humor. I was never that good at "painstaking" anyway. It was always my view that the more interesting you made and envelope, the more likely the recipient was to open it. Particularly when it came to mailing promo pieces. So I decorated envelopes like crazy and always hand wrote the prospective AD's name in my fanciest script. If my envelope was worthy of an AD's bulliten board, it was the equivalant of the Holy Grail.

But things have changed these days. Direct mail is getting prohibitively expensive and self promotion has shifted to web sites and (God forbid!)blogs. My use of rubber stamps has fallen off abit over the years, but, rest assured, when the time comes to impress a client, and I want to pull out all the stops, I pull out the boxes of rubber stamps.
This was quick sketch in my sketchbook that seemed to resound with alot of illustrators and sympathetic AD's
Combining stamps is cool too. The Flash Gordon stamp is by some unknown 8 year old from Venice Beach, CA. Add a guitar, and you have my self- portrait.
What it feels like when the phone isn't ringing.