A Refreshing Change
posted: September 19, 2007
Soojin Buzelli called me last week with an assignment for Asset International. She was looking at my watercolors on Illoz and wanted something along those lines. It's so refreshing to work with an AD that wants something a little off the beaten path. The article concerned Transition Management, and while article was fairly heavy slogging, Soojin did impart to me that she wanted the illo to concern getting from point A to point B with a maelstrom of "noise" in between. Above is the finish and below, my thought process.
Soojin approved the upper left here for the concept. In an effort to keep the finish spontaneous, I used the sketch for reference only and drew the finish quickly over a light burnt sienna wash....
Richard Allen September 19, 2007
Super nice work, Hal. Ms B is an AD Superstar
J.D. King September 19, 2007
Hey, Hal! It's great to see you apply your recent painting approach to a commercial job! May more work like this come your way!
Zina Saunders September 19, 2007
Wonderful finish and sketches, Hal. Your work is so full of charm and wit.
Adam McCauley September 19, 2007
Super funky Hal! Great job, nice sketches too.
Mike Moran September 19, 2007
Great to see you get to work this way. The sketches are just as killer as the final.
Christoph Hitz September 19, 2007
Hal, The red frame line is a great touch for this refreshing maelstrom.
Richard Downs September 19, 2007
Hi Hal, very nice! I love the heavy green ominous forms on the sides.+ great eyeball!
Robert Saunders September 19, 2007
Great job Hal. Your watercolor skills show through this in spades, even though restrained.
Rob Dunlavey September 20, 2007
What a tremendous ensemble of ideas and energy! This is why we love editorial. There can be a real synergy that happens when the concept, the art direction and the illustration are tuned up and ready to go.
Nancy Stahl September 20, 2007
Wow. You brought even more energy to the final than the incredibly energetic sketch...! These are all great and the color is simply fantastic. Fun and sophisticated at the same time. Congratulations on a real winner..!
Richard A Goldberg September 20, 2007
Refreshing indeed!
Hanoch Piven September 21, 2007
Hey Hal I think this is an example of Illoz and Drawger at their best. Showing different stuff one's wants to do and having an AD jumping on it. Hope you get to do many more of these.
barry blitt September 21, 2007
Hal, That's a beaut. The bastard child of Paul Klee and Saul Steinberg, it is. [and I mean that in the best way] Congrats.
Mark Fisher September 21, 2007
Hal, A beauty. Hope you get more clients that want more of this look.
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