Six New Paintings Yet Again
posted: July 25, 2007
Rock On!...
Here are six new ones, hot off the easel. Since I have my panels precut, supply sometimes determine the size of paintings. I seemed to have alot of the smaller panels on hand so I started to go at it with smaller word paintings. I hope they are enjoyed in the spirit in which they were made.
Barn Birds I have this thing for bats. Particularly ones wearing hobnailed boots....
Glo Skull My wife pointed out that I really should have used florescent paint on this one. Damn! She's always right....
Lay Off the Fries- Easier said than done....
Floss Each Day-nuff said...
Red Scare-Those were walking dildos in the lower right hand corner before I made them into missiles. Whew! Dodged a bullet....
Mark Fisher July 25, 2007
Hey these are Mayforth rip offs! But they look so great!
randy July 25, 2007
Another fine bunch. The top one is my favorite and the bats are a close second. You get better an' better. I thought "barn" birds were Barn Swallows....I've got a real load of them this year.
Rob Dunlavey July 25, 2007
The inventory/menagerie grows and grows. I'm sorry but you'll just have to do more. Love to see a story line sometime with different camera angles and the like (just a suggestion from a Mayforth wannabe). What are the general sizes of these panels by the way??
Robert Saunders July 25, 2007
I go for the glo-skull. I have this thing about flourescence and highligts.
Elwood H. Smith July 27, 2007
These are wonderful, Hal! Love the tooth paint texture. Looks suspiciously like the one I had removed recently. Great colors and designs.
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