Hal Mayforth

Six New Paintings Yet Again

JULY 25, 2007
Rock On!
Here are six new ones, hot off the easel. Since I have my panels precut, supply sometimes determine the size of paintings. I seemed to have alot of the smaller panels on hand so I started to go at it with smaller word paintings. I hope they are enjoyed in the spirit in which they were made.
Barn Birds I have this thing for bats. Particularly ones wearing hobnailed boots.
Glo Skull My wife pointed out that I really should have used florescent paint on this one. Damn! She's always right.
Lay Off the Fries- Easier said than done.
Floss Each Day-nuff said
Red Scare-Those were walking dildos in the lower right hand corner before I made them into missiles. Whew! Dodged a bullet.
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