My Sketchbook of Late
posted: June 20, 2007
For the past several months I've been trying to meditate every morning before drawing in my sketchbook as a kind of prelude to my day's work. By clearing out my head, I am receptive to the flotsam and jetsam of thoughts that creep in around the edges. It also makes me slow down. I find that I have alot more patience with my drawing.

I had a bit of a setback several weeks ago. I finished a sketchbook and got on the horn to order more when I was informed that my beloved Sennelier linen covered sketchbooks with the cream colored paper are no longer being made. Oh, woe is me. I scrambled around to find a replacement and finally settled on a Fabriano book. The pages are thicker and bright white, so it's been a bit of an adjustment. Note to self: Don't fall in love with art products. Anyway here are some recent pages in the order I did them..
Walter Vasconcelos June 20, 2007
Is fun :-) Dropping Science is great!
Scott Bakal June 20, 2007
Hey Hal: Love the drawings. You have a great line. Oh dear God! "Dropping the science!" I haven't heard that in a loong while! Too funny!
Larry Ross June 20, 2007
These made me smile and laugh! Meditation might be better than coffee. Keep these coming!
Donald Kilpatrick June 20, 2007
Inspiring stuff, Hal. Thanks for sharing! I am finding that this approach to drawing really does help with my patience as well.
Robert Saunders June 20, 2007
Ooooh, yummy. Hal, you are a meditatin' madman!
Rob Dunlavey June 20, 2007
Hal, Maybe you should meditate about coffee. Sköl! Good advice: don't get hung up on art materials. Anything can work if you listen to it. They will show you new vistas for mark making. If the usual door is shut, try another! I'd love to see a wall filled with Mayforth doodles!
Zina Saunders June 21, 2007
Absolutely terrific drawings! I love your line--and your mind!
Hal Mayforth June 21, 2007
Thanks for the feedback, folks. Rob-It's funny you should make the comment about seeing a wall of my doodles. I'm working on a series of pieces now using copies of my sketchbooks collaged on wood and painting over it. I'll get them here at some point. Oh, and I forgive you for using the word "doodle".
Mark Fisher June 21, 2007
Hal, Inspired lunacy of the third realm and beyond!
Mike Moran June 22, 2007
Sketchbooks can't get much better then this....
Michael Sloan June 23, 2007
These look great, Hal. My favorite is the running cyclops/sun. By the way, sometimes "no longer available" means no longer available to the American market. You might need to take a trip to France to get your favorite sketchbooks!
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