Six New Paintings
posted: May 14, 2007
Red Sky in Morning...
Here are six new paintings in the order I did them. I started out painting with a limited palette on prepared wood, so the color of the wood was evident. These were a continuation of a "black sun" piece that I posted last time. I had every intention of keeping with the limited palette for the whole series, but owing to what I'm sure must be attention deficit issues, I got bored and went nuts for the last painting.
Spring Triumvirate...
Exit Stage Right...
Stepping Out...
A Marked Man...
Flaming Skull Visage...
Zina Saunders May 14, 2007
Stupendous, as always! Is it possible that your paintings are getting even more beautiful and brilliant? I want every single one!!
Cathleen Toelke May 14, 2007
You've got a good thing going with these, Hal. I like how the flames on the skull double as your animated marks. !!!!!!!
Leo Espinosa May 14, 2007
can I afford exit stage right? please e-mail pricing. gracias
Randall Enos May 14, 2007
like Zina suggested, you are getting better and better. i love these....stupendous. If I had any money, I'd buy one.
Carl Wiens May 14, 2007
Hal, these are awesome! (I am fumbling around for the right superlative). I want to bid on exit stage right as well. Leo beat me to the punch.
J.D. King May 14, 2007
Great stuff, Hal! You are a crazy man!
Laura Levine May 14, 2007
These are great! I esp. like A Marked Man and the wonderfully red Flaming Skull. How big are they?
Walter Vasconcelos May 14, 2007
Great paintings Hal ! Ideas, colors, forms and composition. Just a question... which the format of those paintings?
Rob Dunlavey May 14, 2007
(sound of panting and drool drops splashing on the floor). Niiiice!
Mark Fisher May 15, 2007
Hal, you're having fun, I can tell. These are quite nice. A marked man is my fave, the blue works well.
David Goldin May 15, 2007
As usual I've arrived a little late... I slipped in a puddle of drool someone didn't clean up. These are brilliant, wonderful, and absolutely gaw-giss!!!
Nancy Stahl May 15, 2007
I love the wood showing through but I also love the completely painted ones. (Can you get that guy with the mop back?)
Mike Moran May 15, 2007
Hal, These keep getting better and better. My new favorite is A Marked Man. That's until you post the next group of paintings, because they are just going to get better. Super post!
Alex Murawski May 15, 2007
Hal, I've been watching you do these painting.... and enjoying them.... but you've really hit your stride on these. They look great.
Anonymous May 15, 2007
Thanks so much for the kind words and support, guys and gals. I'm always so nervous putting these out there. Laura and Walter-The paintings are done on Baltic Birch plywood which I have to special order. When I started out doing these, I was using the premium stuff from the local lumberyard, but there were alot of inconsistancies and the edges had voids in them. The Baltic Birch is alot heavier, there are no voids and is a beautiful surface. I buy 5 sheets at a time and take them to a local cabinet maker who cuts them according to my layout. I have a bunch of standard sizes. For instance Marked Man is 24 by 20 inches-a good easel size for me. I then sand the edges and the front, apply gesso to front, edges and back, sand again and apply another coat of gesso to the front. The paintings are acrylic, and finished either with or without the crackle and then clear picture varnish. Whew! What's kind of cool about these is that with the edges painted and a couple of screw eyes and wire on the back they're good to go. No framing, no fuss no muss.
Hal Mayforth May 15, 2007
AKA Anonymous!
daveB May 15, 2007
these are all gorgeous - I am loving the ones on the birch plywood - you must not be a lefty since the non-paited areas of the plywood look so clean
David Gothard May 15, 2007
Hal- As always, these are each brilliant on so many levels. DG
Barryblitt May 15, 2007
Jim Paillot May 16, 2007
Almost done with the Mayforth wing on my house. The only thing in there will be Hal's paintings and a wet bar. Maybe a sleeping dog, too. Hal, these are so wonderful. My favorite things you have done are the Exit Stage Right and Marked Man pieces. I love those. You are inspiring me to get out the brushes.
Cathie Bleck May 16, 2007
Amazing and thanks for sharing your materials. Time to shop them around to Santa Fe galleries! These are real breakthrough peices-love all the texture.
Jane Firor May 17, 2007
Flaming Skull. I never thought I'd think of the Virgin Mary and R. Crumb at the same time! But, then, is this a problem? Love it.
Bud Peen June 13, 2007
I love getting a periodic peek at your work eminating from the great northeast. Being a big Paul Klee fan (they have a wonderful collection here in the SF MOMA) I tend to love Exit Stage Right. They all are very [very] cool. Knowing our shared love of submarine movies I wonder: where are the depth charges?
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