Word Drawings Redux
posted: April 19, 2007
Here are some more high jinks from my sketchbooks involving words and primitive forms.
J.D. King April 19, 2007
Boy-o, I think this is just about my favorite stuff of yours! GREAT! Go, man, GO!!!
Nancy Stahl April 19, 2007
So jam-packed..! I love how your mind pulls these threads together and knits a completely personal mixture out of it all. Thanks, Hal.
randy April 19, 2007
Paul Klee eat your heart out. What a great tumbling, antic, joyous, hysterical font of WISEdom we have here. Pencil on pal.....the inventive mind never sleeps.
Jim Paillot April 19, 2007
Man, I love this stuff!
A.Richard Allen April 19, 2007
Great stuff: I'm getting hints of Herriman and Steinberg
Larry Ross April 19, 2007
Good work, Hal! It's liberating to see this kind of entertaining and inventive stuff.
Rob Dunlavey April 19, 2007
Hal, The well never runs dry for you! I find that travel is a good source for these witticisms. You and another drawger word-masher Mark Fisher should team up sometime; it would be very weird and just maybe, very funny.
Zina Saunders April 19, 2007
Your work is so witty and surprising and sparkling. What a treat to come home from a very long day to see your post. Thanks, Hal.
Mark Fisher April 19, 2007
Hal, exqusicall verbousity coupled with astoundishously formulated squiggletrics!
Carl Wiens April 20, 2007
Hal - these are so amazing. I've been absorbing these for a while and really enjoying all the different things going on!
John Dykes April 20, 2007
Belissimo! Hal the Fresh one.... I forgot about Ajax.
Hanoch Piven April 20, 2007
Hal I always remember your promo piece in the Humor show circa 1988 (when I was a student) that said something like: "going boldly where no humorist has gone before" Well you still are!
Scott Bakal April 20, 2007
Hal: You are my hero. Great drawings!
David G Klein April 20, 2007
It's like visual jazz.
Alex Murawski April 20, 2007
Hal Mayforth April 20, 2007
Thanks for the imput one and all. Your kind words keep the good ship Mayforth afloat. H.
Walter Vasconcelos April 21, 2007
Great Hal...great drawings!
Mike Moran April 21, 2007
I'm so glad your ship is sailing because I really like your sketches.
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