New Paintings
posted: April 2, 2007
At the risk of seeming like I'm pimping product,  here are some recent paintings. I had a tough stretch there where things were not happening mojo-wise. Vacation helped a bit to recharge batteries, and now I seem to be over that hump. RAG and John Dykes were up for a visit the week before last and provided alot of encouragement. We had an epic day on the slopes after a late evening of single malt and trying to figure out the illustration racket. Which makes me think possibly that I should paint less and ski more.
Incident at Tent Rocks-Based on a visit to a spot outside of Albuquerque that was mind blowing....
Here Comes Mr. Sunshine-Started off as a sketchbook robot drawing and ended up as a robot painting with Japanese overtones....
See the Two Headed Mook- This doesn't look like a mook at all. Airports are good for mook watching. Had I known this earlier, perhaps this painting would have been more accurate....
All Worried Up and Nowhere to Go-The latest craze to sweep the nation....
Serpent King- You can never have enough hands when dealing with serpents....
Three Suns- Sun decorations are everywhere in Mexico, and they're always so damned cheerful. The malevolent sun niche was aching to be filled....
Steve Wacksman April 2, 2007
Hey Hal- I can relate, having waded through 3+ years of complete mojolessness. Spent every day at my desk and would often find that at the end of the day I'd produced absolutely nothing but a pile of scrap and a pound of eraser dust. The mojo can be an elusive thing. Looks to me like you've recaptured it and then some. My personal favorite here is the Serpent King; I love the textured background and the lack of outline. Great color, too - would love to see more like this- maybe even more featuring the same character(?). Anyhow, doesn't seem like you're pimping at all- isn't that what this joint's all about? A bit of "Show and Tell"? I always love seeing your new crop of paintings and envy your prolificness. Keep 'em coming and keep posting 'em! PS: I had a stiff belt of Single Malt with my fruity pebbles this AM. That's how I get MY mojo workin'.
randy enos April 2, 2007
Pimp away my friend...these are spectacularly wonderful. You're back in the saddle Gene Autry used to say.
Edel Rodriguez April 2, 2007
Hal, These paintings are terrific. I don't know where to start man. The colors and characters on that first one are great. I like the abstract shapes and diamonds in between. Those shapes really separate these from some of the previous ones you've posted. Looks like a new direction for you. Some of the others really made me laugh. The "All Worried" one especially. Thanks for putting them up, that's what this is all about.
Zina Saunders April 2, 2007
No pimping going on in this post, Hal; just great art on display for all us lucky viewers. I LOVE each and every one. I, like Edel, think the All Worred Up and Nowhere to Go is hilarious (and beautiful)...but my fave rave is Three Suns. Just great stuff. More! More!
Rob Dunlavey April 2, 2007
Snake wrangling: I can relate!!! Great product!! Keep pimpin'!
laura t April 2, 2007
mr. sunshine just made my monday!
Steve Wacksman April 2, 2007
I commented before you'd finished posting. I'd like to change my vote for favorite to '3 Suns", but "Serpent King' is still a knockout. Looking great, Hal!
Joseph Fiedler April 2, 2007
We love pimps. Pimps and Ho's! That's exhibition material there. I'm curious if you guys figgured the business out?
daveBee April 2, 2007
ditto for me - serpent king and 3 suns are my favorite tracks on this mix-tape keep on pimpin
Leo Espinosa April 2, 2007
King Serpiente and Plume for me. Keep lurking those muses with single malt, Hal. it's working!
Cathleen Toelke April 2, 2007
I love your walking heads, specially the one in the corner of Plume! Plume, Serpent King and Three Suns are my favorites, and great colors. The forms you've been creating in your paintings are terrific.
Christoph Hitz April 2, 2007
Hal, When the product is hot, the pimping is easy. Rag, Dykes and Mayforth on skies and no pictures? Love Plume.
Walter Vasconcelos April 2, 2007
Hal:great work, colors and composition. Plume and Incident at Tent Rocks they are fantastic!
John Dykes April 2, 2007
Seems like this is exactly what Drawger is for, Hal.... Show us what you got Cause we want to see it! It's one thing to see these online - and jumps to a whole new level seeing the originals. The result of years of cool, loose, original, playful experimentation is evidenced in these mojo-packed paintings! I was also surprised at the high number of works.... Lots in the studio, but then many more at the downtown show. (Hal, do you sleep?). Christoph - I took 2 (two) (duo) (dos) skiing pictures w my phone - but need some sort of bluetooth device to get them onto my computer... Joseph - we DID figure out the biz - but forgot it by the morning. Man.... i hate when that happens...
Michael Sloan April 2, 2007
Great work Hal - I'm always a fan of your paintings. I can totally relate to the frustrating ebb and flow of mojo. I can also relate to the exhilaration of re-discovering it, as you have. Way to work through it, Mountain Man.
Dale Stephanos April 2, 2007
I'm diggin' "Plume" Hal. Damn good work for a compromised mojo.
Larry Ross April 2, 2007
This stuff is just stone-cold great, Hal! Got yer mojo workin', baby.
Mike Moran April 3, 2007
What ever you did to get your mojo back bottle it! These are your best Hal.
rag April 3, 2007
Your work speaks volumes. Speaking of volumes, did we kill all that whiskey?
Mark Fisher April 3, 2007
Hal. The mottled surfaces are great. You don't impress me as one who misplaces his mojo too often.
Hal Mayforth April 4, 2007
As the old blues song goes, you don't miss your water until the well runs dry. Your generous comments and support have gone a long way towards rejuvinating my mojo. RAG tells I may have been experiencing a drop in energy because I'm producing less testosterone. Tell that to my libido. It was great seeing Rich and John in the flesh, and although we didn't exactly figure out the big picture, we did agree that Drawger is a pretty special forum and for all intents and purposes our idea of starting a competing illustration blog (one whose high initiation fee would fund our retirements) is for now in the trash. Along with that bottle of Macallans, I might add. H.
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