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New Paintings

APRIL 2, 2007
At the risk of seeming like I'm pimping product,  here are some recent paintings. I had a tough stretch there where things were not happening mojo-wise. Vacation helped a bit to recharge batteries, and now I seem to be over that hump. RAG and John Dykes were up for a visit the week before last and provided alot of encouragement. We had an epic day on the slopes after a late evening of single malt and trying to figure out the illustration racket. Which makes me think possibly that I should paint less and ski more.
Incident at Tent Rocks-Based on a visit to a spot outside of Albuquerque that was mind blowing.
Here Comes Mr. Sunshine-Started off as a sketchbook robot drawing and ended up as a robot painting with Japanese overtones.
See the Two Headed Mook- This doesn't look like a mook at all. Airports are good for mook watching. Had I known this earlier, perhaps this painting would have been more accurate.
All Worried Up and Nowhere to Go-The latest craze to sweep the nation.
Serpent King- You can never have enough hands when dealing with serpents.
Three Suns- Sun decorations are everywhere in Mexico, and they're always so damned cheerful. The malevolent sun niche was aching to be filled.
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