Sayulita Sketchbooks
posted: March 12, 2007
The family and I just got back from Sayulita, Mexico, where, when not attending to the needs of our 3 teenage boys, I did manage to set aside some time to draw. I had two sketchbooks going. One was for exploring motifs and ideas for possible paintings, the other was a book I keep for family history, and seeks to interpret the foibles and joys of family travel. For those of you not familiar with Sayulita, it's a small fishing town (that gets bigger in the winter because of the gringos) about 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta on Mexico's west coast. The food and surf  are great, and renting a house with an ocean view is affordable. Just remember the imodium and the sunscreen.

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Steve Brodner March 12, 2007
Hal: These are delightful and free. Sketchbooking with your kids is a special way to communicate with them that most people never have. Plus you have wonderful memories to keep forever. They brighten my day!
David Goldin March 12, 2007
Rye, NY ? That's where I come from... I didn't know it was in Mexico. Welcome back.
Leo Espinosa March 12, 2007
Ha, ha, I'm diggin El Serpiente in Rye, NY. I thought he was from Scarsdale, though. Props to Suyalita for inspiring these fantastic drawings, señor Hal. ¡Más margaritas!
J.S.Dykes March 12, 2007
Welcome back - amigo. Can't wait to hear details.... Love these loose drawings!
Larry Ross March 12, 2007
These are terrific, Hal! The best kind of vacation sketches. You must've had a great time. I hope the Imodium worked, Amigo!
rag March 12, 2007
"Wrist Never Sleeps" Mayforth continues his long line of humourous sketches. You're an inspiration my friend.
Christoph Hitz March 12, 2007
Hal, These sketches look like a fun vacation, besides a few green faces and a dead blow fish alert ... Great way to beat the Vermont winter blues.
Peter Hermann March 13, 2007
the day of the not feeling so hot, super stuff all around Hal. must have been a great vacation... well except for that one day that inspired the brilliant drawing.
Zina Saunders March 13, 2007
So charming and funny and full of life! Brilliant!
Hal Mayforth March 13, 2007
Thanks for the kind comments, folks. What I learned on my vacation this year? Tequilla taken regularly in a medicinal manner seems to ward off stomach maladies. Of the five of us, three had difficulties. I attribute my health to my strict adherence to the tequilla regimen. I urge anyone going to Mexico to do the same. H.
daveB March 13, 2007
love - love - love these sketches! they capture the local flavor but they are distilled through the patented May4th pen!
Mark Fisher March 13, 2007
Hal, enough of that medicinal drink and Vermont would feel like Mexico. Fun stuff.
Nancy Abbott-Hourigan March 13, 2007
Hi Hal - As always, you nail it in the most deliciously witty and imaginative way! Love the new drawings.
Michael Sloan March 13, 2007
I always like your sketchbook work, Hal.
Randall Enos March 13, 2007
I love these Hal....they're the best...but please don't tell me I see little nails on the bottom of those shoes.
Peter Mayforth aka Two Wheel Flyer March 13, 2007
Nice to hear from you bro' the art work looks great,never fails to make me chuckle.Spring came early in Bishop Ca,The trees are budding,It's already getting HHHot.
Mike Moran March 15, 2007
These are the coolest Hal!
chuck April 7, 2007
you are amazing!!
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