A Cool Assignment
posted: February 5, 2007
Hunt 102 and ink on Arches 90 lb. rough...
Every once in a while you get an assignment that's a bit off the beaten path. This is one I did last week for an agency in Texas for an insurance ad. The art direction was simple. On the left, A to B with a squiggly line on the right with a straight line. I worked directly on watercolor paper so that if there was one he liked, I wouldn't have to redraw it. The sketches reminded me of those calligraphy exercises of the 19th century. It was also a great point of departure for sketchbook drawings.
This is how the finish turned out with a light watercolor wash....
Zina Saunders February 5, 2007
When I looked at this post, I said, "Whoa!" out loud. Fantastic, wonderful work, Hal. I would never be able to choose between all your great "sketch" solutions. And then your fabulous, witty, charming sketchbook drawings! Man, your talent cup is overflowing.
Robert Saunders February 5, 2007
Awesome job, awesome sketches. You pulled this off nicely, Hal. I find nothing beats a good squiggle.
rag February 5, 2007
I grade you between an A and a B on this one.
Nancy Stahl February 5, 2007
"Match Made in Chaos"...! Ha..!
randy enos February 5, 2007
Adam McCauley February 5, 2007
Great assignment and great solutions Hal! Although I like the final, some of the sketches I like even more. Also, I really like the colored pencil with your line, I hope you explore this more!
Peter Hermann February 5, 2007
these are so cool and fun and beautiful, filled with energy and charm. I Love them. now get cracking on the rest of the alfabet.
Mark S Fisher February 5, 2007
Hal, fun. I like the one where they will duel, POW!
Christoph Hitz February 5, 2007
Finally someone tells them straight taking, square dancing, zig zag shoot'n Texans how it is.
Northeast February 5, 2007
Nice pictures Hal. I agree with Adam, the colored pencil with your great line work is a really nice combination.
Edel Rodriguez February 5, 2007
Hal, thanks, all the sketches look cool. Another vote for colored pencil and ink. That combo looks great.
Larry Ross February 5, 2007
Hal. great solution to the assignment, but even better to see where your mind went from there in your sketchbook. Wonderful drawings.
Matcho February 6, 2007
Great stuff- I especially love the top drawings! They remind me of some of the art I found in a book of monograms from the middle ages- impossibly beautiful, delicate linework. Nice job!
J.D. King February 6, 2007
Ignore your "friend," the RAGman. A+!
Rob Dunlavey February 6, 2007
Totally generous and fabulous work Hal. Does the client know that he just asked Stradivarius to play his kazoo? You are in great form!
Hal Mayforth February 6, 2007
Thanks for all the great imput, folks. Your comments have me rethinking the colored pencil. I may just have to get off my butt and invest in a new set of prismacolors. H.
Jim Paillot February 6, 2007
Cool project, Hal. You are at your best when they give you that kind of freedom. Great artwork! I'm thinking you had a gleeful art director when you showed 'em this stuff.
Alex Murawski February 6, 2007
Hal this is a most wonderfully creative bunch of stuff. Just wanna get lost in those sketchbooks and ideas.
Mike Moran February 6, 2007
These are all so good,Hal. I do like the horse.
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