I'm Jumping on the Digital Bandwagon
posted: March 30, 2006
I'm frankly tired of washing my hands. I'm getting into this digital thing. Bigtime. All kidding aside, here are some recent sketchbook quickies that I colorized in photoshop. I'm digging the rough quality of the sketches with the soulless colorization of photoshop.
Rob Dunlavey March 31, 2006
Hey Hal, Everbody's doin' it why not you?! It makes sense from a professional sense; not sure about the artistic sense. I love your stuff as is -not that that should matter. I'm sure Rich Goldberg has some constructive ideas for combining handmade and digital. Suggestion you've probably thought of: I've always found Painter to be better than Photoshop at "natural" style painting. Baby steps.
Elwood H. Smith April 5, 2006
Howdy, Hal- It's a pleasure to share this blog with you. All year long, Maggie and I walk past your calendar hanging on my studio door & so you're on our minds every day. After several years of this, I begin to feel like some kind of pervert. Still, keep the calendars coming. The analog/digital art looks good. I do miss that nice, raw, ragged watercolor wash, but you're right, the scanned inked-in line up against the smooth, mechanical digital tone, does work. Very nicely. I'm still doing my illustration the old, fartsy, geezer way, but I have been using lots of computer software for my animation projects. We live in a very exciting time. Anyhow, it's good to be onboard the Drawger Express. See you around. -Elwood
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