The Last Five Paintings of 2006
posted: January 3, 2007
Fez of Excitement- Mr. Fez is in serious need of orthotics...
Here are the last five paintings that I completed in 2006 in the order I did them.
Shaman or Sham Man?...
In Private, They Cross Their Legs-Raw Sienna is perhaps my favorite color...
Zut Alors-The French Game of Consternation...
The last two paintings are imaginary gameboards that originated in my sketchbook and was first posted here.
Dorkmaze-The Faux Dating Game...
Zina Saunders January 3, 2007
They're all magnificent! I'm in love with the Zut Alors Game of Consternation!
Peter Hermann January 3, 2007
they are all super and very funny. the sham man would make a great and very stressful wallpaper. and i think we all know that vincent is going home empty-handed in the faux dating game.
David Gothard January 3, 2007
Zut-alors, my fave, Hal. But, of course, they are all great. Very nice body of work you are building with these paintings. When's the show? Gallery owners should be lining up at your studio door. DG
David Goldin January 3, 2007
Dorkmaze should come with dice and game pieces. These are beautiful.
Robert Saunders January 3, 2007
Wow baby, those are rockin the house! They blow the lid off the joint. I like Fez guy. I'm gonna have to compose a jazz anthem in commemoration of the wonderful insanity of these dazzling new pieces. How ta be, Hal!
Scott Bakal January 4, 2007
Hey Hal: These are some fun pieces! Nice to see you finished off 2006 with these...Good luck in 2007!
Hal mayforth January 4, 2007
Many thanks for the kind words, folks. I did manage to find an new gallery in NJ. (more on that later) I sent out 26 promo packages this past summer and received only two responses. Heck, I even included a self addressed, stamped response postcard. Fortunately one of them wanted to show my work. And they say the illo business is a tough nut to crack! I wish you all a creative and lucrative New Year. H
Alex Murawski January 4, 2007
Hal, love the game boards.... and the sketches too. I want Dork Maze.
Steve Wacksman January 9, 2007
Ah, Hal! I saw these when you posted them and loved them, but was too crunched to comment at the moment. And now look- it's a new year! Still, it's not too late ( I hope) to say that i love these - all of 'em- and am pleased to see you keeping the momentum up. The Fez of Excitement is great fun- it really vibrates! More! MORE!! Oh- and happy new year - hope it's a great one for you.
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