Hal Mayforth

2007 Calendar Redux

DECEMBER 22, 2006
Rob Dunlavey's got a better printer than me.  Or at least one's that more punctual, since I just got mine and I received his several weeks ago.

My calendar has been the cornerstone of my self promo efforts for many years now. In 1985 I was working as a paste up artist ( my specialty: IGA flyers) in a small studio in Waltham, MA when a client came in with some calendar type that he wanted statted. On lunch break, when no one was around, I statted his job and made a copy for myself, went home and put my own calendar together using art from my sketchbooks. I've been doing them ever since.

The calendar idea is a great fit for me because I get to cleverly call my attention to the 4th of May, which, incidentally, is my name and not my birthday. Prior to doing them in color, I did them in B&W for many years, the only color being the 4th of May , which was hand stamped. It also gives me the opportunity to get some of the previous year's sketchbook material out in front of Art Director's eyes.

I'd be happy to send one out to you if you email me your address.
Topical: Promotion