Five More New Paintings
posted: December 1, 2006
Carousel-From a sketchbook drawing of undetermined origin....
Here's a new batch of paintings fresh off the old easel in the order I did them. Lately I've been getting back into the word paintings mostly because they seem to be selling and they are fun to do.
Have a Cup o' Joe-This is inspired by Have a Cup of Tea on Muswell Hillbillies by The Kinks. I just americanized it....
Buff Star-Combining steroid use with celebrity fawning into one pleasing composition....
Aurora Borealis-I haven't a clue what this is supposed to represent....
Kwitcher Bitchin-A note to our cat, Frieda, who has recently developed a taste for antihairball treats and won't shut up about it....
J.D. King December 1, 2006
So far, I'm only seeing one painting, but it's GREAT! I love these paintings of yours!
J.D. King December 1, 2006
Hold on! There's the second one!
John Dykes December 1, 2006
I also can see just two. I like the first two. You talent hog!
randy December 1, 2006
Carousel, Kwitcher and Aurora....the order of my favorites. You just keep on getting better all the time. Time to quit your day job....but I think I've told you that before. Can you make Kwitcher into a switch plate for me? Just kidding.
Steve Wacksman December 1, 2006
Carousel is my absolute favorite, followed by Aurora B. I like the other two, but Carousel especially is fo me on a higher plane. If I could offer a thought: I'm not sure the crackle effect is adding anything to these and, to my mind, somehow robs them of some of their authenticity. You have a great color sense and your use of black as a color is wonderful. Hope to see more- these are full of life.
Hal Mayforth December 1, 2006
Steve, You are absolutely right about the crackle varnish on Carousel. It doesn't serve the painting. In fact, looking at it in retrospect, it's a distraction. Thanks for the insight. I've got to remember this. H.
Scruffy Arctic Monkey December 1, 2006
I dig the Aurora borealis' color in between the type. Correction, I dig the whole thing. I Want to buy it and hang it in my igloo above the fireplace. Wait, there's no fireplace. 'the hell, I want a HM painting anyway! Time to start thinking about some swapping of art?
Christoph Hitz December 1, 2006
Hal, Where and when is the show? Love the "Inuit" spirit in Aurora Borealis. The guy's who produce Sponge Bob should buy Buff Star... Clearly You are having fun.
J.D. King December 1, 2006
Hey, Hal! Quit YER bitchin' and give Frieda some treats, ya big meanie! Anyhow, all five are up!
Jim Paillot December 1, 2006
Oh, man! Great stuff. I LOVE Aurora Borialis.
Rob Dunlavey December 1, 2006
Big Up for Carousel and Aurora. I'm sittin in a pool o' drool looking at these guys. I'm so jealous. Ditto to Wacksman on the Carousel crackle. You're work is fresher than that and it muddies the message. Maybe the Shanghai office of the Hal Mayforth Knock-Off Production Company can do the crackle and sell them to restaurant and hotel chains. But not you; you're the master!
Peter Cusack December 1, 2006
These are wonderful Hal. I could see that first one large and hanging in my apartment. nice PEter
Mark Fisher December 1, 2006
Hal, As always some very nice work. When I saw the Joe and Star paintings I immediatly saw a sandwich shop, cafe, diner, bar or restaurant with your paintings illustrating the food and services offered at the establishment.
Zina Saunders December 1, 2006
Kwitcher is top of the crop, but I love them all, Hal. Beautiful color, beautiful design, beautiful beautiful.
Joe Ciardiello December 1, 2006
These are great Hal. You sure are a productive guy. Glad to hear they're selling.
Adam McCauley December 2, 2006
More kudos - they're all great Hal! Agree with Steve Wacksman, Carousel does something extra for me. It'd be cool to see a series of this - simlar structural idea, but perhaps different grounds. For some reason I want to see it on white as opposed to blue-grey.
jeff moores December 2, 2006
I like carousel -- nice color palette! Good to get away from the watercolors and push a diffrernt brush-- good stuff!
Hal Mayforth December 2, 2006
Thanks for the comments, folks. I had a very nice conversation with Steve Waxman after his post and he and a few others have me rethinking the crackle varnish. I still think it works on some of the paintings, but on Carousel it was a utter failure. So I'll be extra critical with the finish on future works. All the positive feedback means alot to me. H.
David Goldin December 3, 2006
I'm late here- been on deadline. I want Carousel above the mantle of our fireplace and Aurora near my desk. Where's the shopping cart? Where's the check out?
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